10 Powerful Songs To Start Your Week Off Right

Choose the one that suits best at the moment!

If you need an extra kick that bolsters your courage to do what needs to be done or just start a new day with right vibes, these songs are just the thing.

Just choose what you need right now!

1. To jump-start your morning


Even a sleepy morning can charge your batteries with this song.

Mix of lazy rhythm and uplifting lyrics like “Cause for tonight, Feels like everything could turn out fine” can surely set up the right spirit.

2. To do the wake-up workout


Right after the release of Rocky III in 1982, Eye of the Tiger became the ultimate soundtrack for a training montage.

Heck, these riffs made Sly beat the crap out of Mr.T him himself, and you say trunk curls are hard?!

To get even more inspired, check out the story about the original Rocky’s creation.

3. To get in the working mood


“Work it harder, Make it better, Do it faster, Makes us stronger…”

With these encouraging lines and a bouncy rhythm, you will complete your weekly tasks in one day – or at least stop procrastinating.

4. To continue with your tasks, despite any obstacles


“You cannot record the song in your state”, said Brian May to Freddy Mercury, who could barely walk during the Innuendo album sessions.

“I will do it, darling,” Freddy responded, took a shot of vodka and gave the performance of his life.

Because the show must go on, no matter what.

5. To light it up at the meeting


The formula is simple; just follow the La Roux example: “Go in for the kill, do it for the thrill.

With this kind of pep, you will shatter any of naysayers’ arguments.

6. To ignore bitter comments


Haters gonna hate, hate, hate, this is the law of life.

Don’t waste time to reflect on ill wishers’ criticism, just shake it off and move on to better things.

7. To accept your mistakes and move forward


Even genre icons like Marshall Bruce Mathers III can acknowledge their imperfections.

The second verse is a sort of self-roasting from the man who was once dubbed the “rap god”.

Follow the lead and learn from his missteps.

8. To learn the right dance moves


Mick Jagger did not write the song, but it was undoubtedly inspired by his stage image — a restless rock star, even at 70.

Let the beat carry you, and show the “moves like Jagger”.

9. To find a way to reunite with your loved ones


Say what you will about today’s Bono attitude, U2 was a hell of a band in 1980s!

And New Year’s Day is still a universal prayer for all who miss their nearest and dearest.

10. To cheer up a friend who’s in Monday blues


“In every life we have some trouble. But when you worry, you make it double.”

All things must pass, except maybe this timeless his 80s classic hit. It will remind your pal (and you) that there is always time for fun and happy singing.

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