10 Secret Hobbies Of Celebs That Make Them Happy

Some stars have passions you could hardly expect from them!

Celebs are extremely busy people. So when they get a spare minute, they’d spend it like most people – doing things that bring them happiness and satisfaction.

Some stars, though, have passions you could hardly expect from them!

Actor Johnny Depp is a keen collector.

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What is extraordinary about it? Well, the actor collects… Barbie dolls! To be fair, Depp collects guns as well, but he is intensely passionate about Barbies.

“When my daughter was little I played a lot of Barbies,” he said.

“I guess it is when I got caught by myself with the Barbies that really did it.”
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Cristiano Ronaldo likes bingo.

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Ronaldo has a common-for-rich-men hobby of collecting cars. But also has another, a less predictable and glamorous, passion.

When out of football ground, the Real Madrid star enjoys bingo games.

The footballer says it is very exciting as one often has to wait for the last number to complete the game while watching friends also hoping to get the lucky number.

Will Smith does fencing.

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In his free time, the Hollywood star puts on a fencing mask and jacket and takes foil.

Smith once said  in an interview that he usually sparred with friends, Tom Cruise and David Beckham, in Cruise’s apartment.

Taylor Swift loves cooking and water skiing.

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The Reputation girl also adores arts and handicrafts.

One of her favorite pastimes is making transparent snow globes with friends.

This way she gets in the holiday spirit, relaxes and prepares presents.

Susan Sarandon ping pongs.

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The actress likes ping pong so much that she even gifts ping pong tables to her friends and inner-city schools.

Sarandon owns SPIN New York, a ping pong social club chain in the USA. 64-year-old Oscar-winning actress said:

“I think ping pong is the most fun way to stay in shape. You really work up a sweat and it is fun. It is good for your mind as well as your body.”

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Tom Hanks collects typewriters.

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Typewriters is his main obsession.

Hanks has been collecting them since 1978. The actor says that he is so attracted to typewriters “mainly for the typing sound”.

He even released an app called the Hanx Writer with fonts of a manual typewriter.

Angelina Jolie has a collection of knives.

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It was Angelina’s mother who took the 11-years-old girl to buy her first dagger.

Now her collection of knives and weapons is rather extensive as well as an impressive dagger collection.

Angelina hopes to pass this hobby to her son and has already bought him some knives – but with dulled blades.

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Jack White is a taxidermy collector.

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White rarely guests TV shows or gives interviews, but when he once appeared on American Pickers, he bought an elephant’s head.

According to the musician, he never hunted and doesn’t think he even can. But, as White says, “I really do love animals, and I love the majesty of taxidermy”.

Tiger Woods is a diving amateur.

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Famous golfer calls diving and spearfishing his favorite pastimes.

Luckily, the two hobbies can be combined, and that’s exactly what Woods did last summer in Albany, Bahamas.

He posted a pic on Twitter saying there’s “Nothing like free diving with the kids for lobster at Albany”.

Leonardo DiCaprio collects Star Wars figurines.

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It appears that Leo is a core fan of Star Wars and used to have a huge figurine collection.

He had placed his treasure on auction in 2006 to benefit his foundation for environmental protection.

The collection was rather extensive and contained carded and boxed figurines from Star Wars series. One of the auction items, a rare vinyl Jawa figurine, was sold for $4,500.

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