6-Year-Old Boy’s Letter To Santa Reminds Us What Christmas Is Actually About

Chance Teckenbrock from Florida wrote an unusual and incredibly touching letter to Santa Claus this Christmas season.

He asked for something kids don’t usually ask.

Around Christmas time children at Chance’s school were sharing stories about holiday traditions and their favorite toys. Chance was very excited to tell about his favorite holiday toy, “Elf on the Shelf”.

One can’t imagine his surprise when Chance learned that not all of his classmates had the elf.

Moreover, it appeared that some kids don’t  get  presents for Christmas at all.

I know some people don’t have money to get toys”, the boy said and decided to solve the problem.

Chance told his mom he wanted to collect toys and give those toys to children in need.

The boy wrote a letter to Santa Claus, in which he stated that he had plenty toys to be happy and wanted others to feel joy this Christmas as well.

The letter went on to say that Santa could skip the boy. But not his sister as she would cry.

“Chance has always had a huge heart”, his mom Elizabeth Teckenbrock explained.

The boy’s mother added that “he wants to make others Christmas great, and I want to make his great.”

Elizabeth wrote to Ellen DeGeneres on Facebook and shared Chance’s letter. “This is all he wants for Christmas! I’m going to do it for him! @TheEllenShow help us achieve this please!”

Let’s hope that Ellen (and Santa, of course) will help Chance spread kindness!

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