10 Changes That Will Help You Attract Right People

If you want to bring those who resound your own vibes into your life, make a note!

1. Explore your current network


Think of four people you spend most of your time with.

What do they do for a living? What are their goals? Are they both successful and happy? Do they charge you with enthusiasm?

The answers will help you to define if you are already on the right track.

2. Learn to say No


You are not the walking entertainer, especially for a person who is just a dead weight to you. It is OK to cut ties and burn bridges with those who do not let you move forward.

When you trim the fat of your social circle, better people will fill it in.

3. Be open-minded


To attract a different kind of people, expose your mind to different topics and opinions. Nobody expects you to be expert at everything, but it would serve you well if to be able to support a random conversation.

So, what’s up with digital tokens?

4. Be specific


Take a moment or two and try to consider several simple things: what kind of people you want to meet and communicate with, and what specific set of values you expect these persons to have.

This insight will make your quest easier.

5. Become the person you want to attract


After you define what you want to see in others, it is time to become that kind of person yourself.

We attract who we are, so if you really want to change your social network, change yourself a bit by acquiring or strengthening values you appreciate most.   

6. Step outside of your comfort zone


If your current surroundings are failing to bring you near the right people, then it would be logical to try something you have never tried before.

Your social life can change astonishingly, if you have the courage to immerse in an unfamiliar situation at least once.

7. Trust your intuition


The first impression is usually the most accurate. If you feel unexplainable attraction to a person, there are always underlying reasons for that.

It is possible to figure them out by yourself, but making contact and talking always works better.

8. Ask the right questions


The usual chit-chat will not work. Ask about people’s lives and hopes.

One well-defined question can make it clear if this is the right person to invite in your life.

9. Do not rely on substances


Of course, alcohol makes people more sociable, but you cannot drink every time to attract someone. After all, when a party haze dissipates, it is time to be yourself again.

It is generally a good idea to get hammered after you made friends, not before.

10. See the best in people


This does not mean you have to ignore red flags or flatter recklessly.

It means you do not necessary have to accentuate the worst qualities of the person. With this approach, you can turn difficult, but valuable relationships into positive ones.

Inspired by: Mystical Raven, LinkedIn. Preview image: Friends/NBC

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