Never Apart! Wife Creates Christmas Split Photo To Inspire Deployed Husband

Staff Sgt. Andrew Smith is deployed overseas, but thanks to his wife Andrea he appeared in his family Christmas postcard.

The inspiring image went viral on Facebook.

Photo: Andrea Pritts-Smith/Facebook

Andrea and Andrew have been happy for 6 years and have adorable 3-year old daughter Charlotte. However, as Andrea admitted on her Facebook page, being married to a military man is not always easy:

“I struggle A LOT and somedays I want to throw in the towel and beg the Marine Corps to return my husband”.

These holidays have been even more challenging, because Staff Sergeant Smith is thousands miles away from his wife and daughter living in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.

Andrea decided to reunite the family with an unusual Christmas card.

This idea required some preparation. Andrew asked his fellow to snap a photo, and Charlotte with Andrea went to a local store to shoot their image.

Andrea’s friend and photographer edited the result and created this encouraging image.

Being married to a military man is not always easy

Andrea wrote that this Christmas card is dedicated not only to her husband, but also to all the families whose members are serving overseas:

“The best Christmas gift of all would be for everyone to have everyone home safely, but until then thank you for all you do and please everyone keep our military members and families in your prayers and hearts this holiday season!”

Photo: Andrea Pritts-Smith/Instagram

The woman’s message received great response and support in Facebook, especially from users who experienced separation firsthand:

Preview image: Andrea Pritts-Smith/Facebook

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