It Is Never Too Late. Ex-Housewife From Washington Starts Career In Police At 40

After 22 years of being a housewife, Julie Lee from Pasco, WA, pursues her lifelong dream. She is a new blood of the Pasco Police Department.

Photo: NBC RightNow

Julie wanted to serve in law enforcement since she was little. After high school, she graduated from Columbia Basin College with a degree in criminal justice.

But then, as Julie put it, “life happened”.

Officer Lee is a cop you do not want to mess with

In 2005, she fell in love with a police officer from Richland, Chris Lee. The woman from Pasco gladly welcomed marriage and three kids in her life, while her own dream to serve in blue appeared in back burner.

Officer Lee got her cherished badge on December 13, 2016. Photo: NBC RightNow

Julie once tried to combine her family and dream career.

Right after graduation, while still a young mother, Julie actually tried herself as a loss prevention officer.

But this job was not one she really wanted: “That just didn’t quite cut for me”.

I may be small, but I’ll do mighty things

When two of her kids finally got out of the school age, the woman found an opportunity to follow her passion.

“I thought, ‘well you want to go back to work, but what do you want to do? You still want to be a police officer’,” Julie told NBC RightNow.

Photo: Julie Lee/GoFundMe

Julie’s resolution was supported by her frequent visits to a local gym. The housewife wasted no time and became a weight lifting enthusiast with a stunning physique.

In 2014, after seven years of competing and two kids in between, she even managed to make it to the National Bodybuilding Competitions in New Jersey.

Three years later, officer Lee is a cop you do not want to mess with.

Getting to oath ceremony at the PPD was not a cake walk. Julie had to make sacrifice and move away from family for five months to live and train in the police academy.

“It was the hardest thing I ever had to do,” Julie confessed.

Photo: Pasco Police Department

Officer Lee believes this road is meant to be hard:

“It should be that way. I don’t believe that this job should be easy to get.”

Being the smallest officer in department, she is ready to face any challenge head-on, from store shoplifting to hot pursuit. I may be small,” she laughs, “but I’ll do mighty things”.

Preview image: NBC RightNow

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