10 Random Acts Of Kindness You Have Time To Do Before Christmas

Christmas is near, but there is still time for little holiday things that will make you and others a little bit happier.

Chalk up!

1. Donate 10 bucks to any good cause


If you think that a small sum of money will not make a difference, you are wrong.

Any contribution matters, and when added up to other donations, it can change someone’s life. The examples are always there.

2. Surprise your neighbor


Invite an elderly lady next door to share a meal, or offer your help in decorating the house to a family living nearby.

Christmas is the perfect time to strengthen links in community.

3. Send an actual postcard to a random Facebook friend


We’ve almost forgotten what it’s like to send handwritten letters, while Facebook’s greeting cards do not have that heartwarming effect.

Why not choose a random “familiar stranger” from your friend list and surprise that person with a paper postcard?

It might be the beginning of something bigger than trivial comments to pics in the feed!

4. Help a pet


If you have been thinking about getting a pet, this is the right time to visit the local animal shelter.

And if you are not ready for the responsibility yet, volunteer, buy some food or supplies for a local shelter or donate to American Pet Association.

Who said cats and dogs do not deserve a proper Christmas feast?

5. Join a Christmas concert at a local school


School performances have that special homey atmosphere that you won’t find in large concert halls.

You can help kids make costumes, learn new carols together or give teachers a hand with stage decoration. Do anything to make the holiday night special!

6. Make a call to grandma


Telephone call is a small thing, but your voice is a big miracle for the relatives who have not heard from you for a while.

Even if it is not Christmas Eve yet, let them know that you out there and care for them.  

7. Help a homeless person


Let’s be honest, these are the people who need a Christmas miracle most.

They will welcome any contribution: from a cup of coffee and a conversation to donation for a church shelter.

Even you old blanket donated to a local Salvation Army mission can make someone a bit happier.

8. Send a note to those who serve


Think about soldiers who are stationed overseas, and write why you are grateful to them.

A hearty thank-you letter is one of the best presents a soldier can get for Christmas.

9. Throw a small pre-Christmas party


You have earned this.

Buy some goodies, invite friends, watch Home Alone or Elf, dance or think over your plans for Christmas.

This is how holiday spirit is coming to your house!

10. Thank yourself for all the good things you did


Remember all the things you have managed to accomplish this year, all the people you helped.

This is worth a gratitude, so close your eyes and say “Thank you” aloud. These words will be your most precious Christmas present to yourself.

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