No To Naysayers. Man Sheds Third Of His Weight To Become Law Enforcer

In 2016, Justin Lahman was told he could not become a cop with his 364 lbs.

He defied sceptics and shed 150 pounds to join Fort Carson military police.

Photo: Justin Lahman/Facebook

Justin grew up in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, and dreamed about becoming a civilian police officer since high school. Once he was arranged to escort local cop, and was hooked by the way the officer carried himself.

However, the officer brutally thwarted Justin’s hopes, who then weighed 300 pounds.

“He told me that I just wasn’t there to meet the physical requirements,” Lahman told The Gazette.

The young man almost got his second perspective. Justin was good at football and even got a scholarship offer, but it was taken away after he sustained an injury.

The 6-foot-1-inch guy weighed 364 pounds in February 2016

This blow was too hard to recover from.

With no proper diet and training, Justin began to gain weight. In February 2016, the 6-foot-1-inch man weighed 364 pounds.

Photo: Richard Lahman/Facebook

That was the moment when the man had his denouement. For the first time in months, he stood on the scale.

He turned to football coach for training advice, and to the father for approval

Justin recalls that the figure on the display was not the only thing to regret about.

“I saw the next 30 years of my life and didn’t like it,” he confessed. “Same town, same people for the rest of my life.”

Justin decided to make a change, but he needed support. He turned to his former football coach for training advice, and to the father for approval. They was Lahman’s team from that point on.

“Sometimes you have to be able to ask for help,” Lahman told Fort Carson Mountaineer. “You can’t let your pride get in the way of your dreams.”

Lahman learned how to pace himself, completely changed his diet and turned an exercise he hated — running — into a passion.

Twelve police departments turned him down

14 months later, Lahman lost more than 150 pounds and was ready to pursue his dream.

Photo: Justin Lahman/Facebook

Twelve police departments across Arizona turned him down. However, Justin found his opportunity in Army.

Lahman’s father showed Justin the service photo of his grandfather from the 1940s. A few weeks later, the inspired man was off to basic training in Fort Carson.

Today he is a soldier of 759th Military Police Battalion, and his leads are admiring Justin’s determination.

Photo: Justin Lahman/Facebook

“He is going to be a great leader,” said Spc. Christopher Banks from 59th MPs. “He is going to train soldiers phenomenally.”

Right now Lahman is getting ready for a body-building competition in 2018.

When asked about his current fit, the soldier downpays a bit:

“This is just a starter kit.”

Preview image: Justin Lahman via

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