5 People Who Proved It’s Never Too Late To Change Your Life

These people found themselves caught in daily routine – waking up in the same house, putting on the same clothes, taking the same roads to the same jobs.  

However, they refused to sit back, got out of comfort zone and took a chance to change.

1. The man who lost job at 53 and opened his own business

Brad Gold was laid off at 53 from a senior management position in a struggling restaurant chain.

He knew it was going to be hard to find another job.

Photo: Voyagela

The man decided it was a now-or-never moment to pursue his lifelong dream of owning a restaurant.

He found an underperforming café and turned it into a flourishing restaurant named Black Dog Coffee.

Photo: Voyagela

Brad’s wife helped him greatly. They changed the menu, the recipes and the look of the café and completely re-designed it.  

“I’m eternally grateful for the layoff and the opportunity to pursue my dream,” he said in an interview.

2. The woman who escaped unhappy marriage and started new life half the world away

Candice Kilpatrick had lived in Asia for nine years working as a teacher.

She was married, but the relations came to an end. Seven months after their break-up, she found out her husband had been cheating.

It was a low blow for Candice. She decided to leave for another country to start over and not to be known as someone’s ex-wife.

You are in control of your own fate!

With two bags, the woman moved to New York. In the Sates she did social media jobs for  companies like Yahoo! and Moët.

I’m newly married to an amazing man! I took a huge leap and it paid off! You are in control of your own fate!”

3. The woman who found a way to move to her dream country

Anne Driscoll has always loved Ireland. The only problem was that she couldn’t find work and move there legally.

Photo: Irishamericanmom

In summer 2012, Anne was at an Investigative Reporters and Editors conference in Boston.

She met a journalist who had just returned from the country of her dream. The meeting “changed the trajectory of her entire life”.

Photo: Irishtimes

Anne decided to apply for a Fulbright scholarship – only three weeks before the deadline. The woman came up with an idea to teach law students at Griffith College Dublin how to investigate wrongful convictions using journalism skills.

Fortunately, she was accepted and the college invited Driscoll to continue their cooperation after a year ended.

Now she is a project manager of the Irish Innocence Project.

4. The woman who fled city in depression and rebuilt life in the wild

Leslie Scott was 42 when she found herself single parenting with two daughters, a horrible ex-husband and with exhausting depression.

Leslie wanted to rebuild her life from scratch. She came to the conclusion that there was another, more optimistic way.

Photo: thegrommet

The first idea that came was to take children and go anywhere. So the woman rented a cabin in the wilderness and settled there.

If I hadn’t found the courage to start from scratch, I’d probably still be stuck

She restored her emotions hiking, kayaking, reading and writing,  living off her savings. After nine months, she found a good job in recreation industry.

Photo: Financialpost

One day she hired a seaplane pilot to drop her off in the wilderness for a hiking trip and they fell in love. Leslie decided to start her own business and opened bath and beauty company, which became a successful multi-million dollar brand three years later.

If I hadn’t found the courage to start from scratch, I’d probably still be stuck in that car dealership working for a tyrant today and I would not have started a business,” she says.

5. The man who lost his wife and wrote a healing book

Allen Klein was 40 when his wife died of a rare disease. At the time, the couple had a 10-year-old daughter, and Allen was the co-owner of a silkscreen business in San Francisco.

Allen’s wife had a great sense of humor that she managed to keep till the end. It inspired Klein.

Photo: ideamensch

“I realized how important that laughter was,and how it helped me, her and those around her deal with her illness,” he said in an interview.

Allen took up studying human psychology and the role of therapeutic humor.

He volunteered with people who were dying to see how they used humor overcome their pain.

All the knowledge he acquired became the basis for his book, The Healing Power of Humor.

The book helps readers turn life’s negatives into positives in any situation. 

Source: Reader’s Digest

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