10 New Year Party Drinks That Can Actually Benefit Your Health

During New Year celebrations, remember you can always choose healthy spirits.

Their beneficial effect, however, will occur on one condition: drink responsibly and do not mix up!

1. Rum for a healthy heart


Aged dark rum has indeed proved to be a great remedy for heart diseases. Dedicated scientists undertook researches and found out that this sugar-cane drink also prevents cholesterol blockages.

We bet those studies included some sweet Cuba Libres.

2. Champagne for a sharp mind


In 2013, researchers from Reading University conducted a glorious experiment. They were giving rats champagne every day for six weeks, and then asked biters to complete a maze.

Their success rate increased to 70%!

However, try not to overdo. Minor IQ boost is hardly worth the worst headache in your life.

3. Vodka for better teeth


Ethanol and water in combination can work wonders, and we do not mean late night messages to your exes.

Vodka kills mouth bacteria better than any other spirit. Also, a shot around an aching tooth may prove useful to ease your suffering if the appointment with your dentist is too far away.

4. Tequila for a good digestion


100% blue agava tequila is the ideal digestif and can help you with an uneasy stomach.

So, you now know what to take to a New Year party at a friend’s who is not very good at cooking.

5. Whiskey for immunity boost


Rye whiskey contains vitamins that stimulate your immune system.

Just pour a few spoons in your coffee to fight off a cold (it is strongly recommended to share with an Irish friend if you have one).

6. Gin for fewer wrinkles


Gin is made of juniper berries, which are full of antioxidants.

They boost regenerating cells in your body, so it is advisable to switch your rejuvenating cream for a drink of blue gin sometimes. You’ll get a good night sleep, too.

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7. Absinthe for lesser anxiety


Despite what we see in movies, a shot of absinthe won’t immediately turn the world green. The liquor isn’t a drug and will never make you see fairies.

In fact, absinthe contains wormwood, which has mild anti-anxiety effect. So you’ll party like stone-cold, self-confident boss.

8. Beer for self-confidence


This effect is called “the beer mirror”. British researchers found the more beer one consumes, the more attractive they find themselves.

Sounds logical to us, just try not to get too attractive.

9. Wine for strong bones


If you plan to light up parties in your 80s, brittle bones will not serve you. You can increase calcium intake with milk or sip some wine which is great for your bone mineral density.

Choose the option that sounds like more fun to you!

10. Brandy for a neat fit


Yeah, brandy is weight loss friendly, so it is a good choice for those who want to shed a few pounds.

Just do not combine your traditional glass of brandy with workouts. Your coach won’t have that.

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