Put Badge Aside, Pick Up Guitar! Police Officer Quits Service To Play Country

Frank Gomez, an officer from the Las Cruces Police Department, recently handed in his badge to sing country and got recognition from the Rolling Stone.  

Photo: Frank Ray Music/Facebook

In August 2017, Frank ended his 10-years service in blue.  The newborn musician admits he enjoyed being a police officer.

“I loved being on patrol,” Frank told Las Cruces Sun-News. “There’s something about being the first responder.”

Frank Gomez during his last working day in LCPD. Photo: Frank Ray Music/Facebook

Nevertheless, singing was always a true passion for Frank. In childhood, he discovered “gift for a carrying a tune” and wrote his first song in 2005.

Frank Ray was included in the Rolling Stone’s article on Top 10 country artists for December

While still in service, the singer fronted the popular Las Cruces band Border Avenue. Then he realized how much he loves country music.

“At its core is just genuine,” he told in the interview to KRQE News 13.

“The lyrics have a tendency to pull on your heartstrings and talk about the everyday struggles of American life and that’s what I want to sing about.”

Frank knew that he was capable of more than just local concerts and performances at the events of his department.

Everything become clear in 2017, when he was approached by people from a Texas recording label. Frank’s fiancée insisted that he must make the decision:

‘’It was funny the way she worded it – she said, ‘Everybody’s got confidence in you except for yourself’.”

Finally, Frank decided to form a new band and say goodbye to LCPD.

A week later after he left the department, the singer shared a video to the Facebook page of his project with emotions of the last day. At this point the post has more than 300,000 views and 1,000 shares.

Gomez took a new name for his project — Frank Ray. His first single, “Every Time You Run”, hit Texas Country Radio charts at No. 77 and is currently making its way toward the Top 20.

Recently, Frank Ray was included in the Rolling Stone’s article on Top 10 country artists for December.

In the featurette, he comments on the meaning behind the song “Different Kind of Country”, which is about the Hispanic immigrant experience in America:

“I wanted it to be a message to say, ‘Hey, we’re different but we’re very much the same.’”

Sources: Las-Cruces Sun-News, KRQE News 13, Rolling Stone

Preview image: Frank Ray Music/Facebook.

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