She Quit Teaching At 30 To Find True Calling In Medicine

In her early 30s Jane Whang from Hanover, MD, made a decision to switch from little-satisfying teaching profession to dentistry.

She downshifted, and had a few bumps until she found her true calling.

Photo: Baltimore Sun

Jane spent almost four years teaching science to 8th graders in inner city New York.

The job didn’t give her emotional satisfaction and wasn’t rewarding either.  

“I couldn’t really see the impact I was making. It was emotionally taxing, and sometimes I felt more like a disciplinarian than a teacher”, she said.

During one summer holiday she decided to take post-baccalaureate to teach at the highschool level – the starting point to her new career.

The switch meant four years of being a full-time student again. Moreover, Jane didn’t have any savings

The woman found studies so interesting and enjoyable that she decided to change her qualification to a medical one.

The choice fell on dentistry as it could be a better work-life balance.

The switch meant four years of being a full-time student again. Moreover, the woman didn’t have any savings from teaching, so she had to live on a part-time receptionist salary and pay a student loan.

I knew I’d make more money later, so it was worth to me

Being a student doesn’t require a huge financial adjustment after living on a teacher’s salary, Jane stresses.

She stopped spending money on cafes, travelling and shopping. “But I knew I’d make more money later, so it was worth to me”, she said.

The former teacher graduated at 33.

Kool Smiles is a dental services provider with 100 offices located across 16 US states. Photo: Facebook

She started in cosmetic dentistry. But it was routine and, to a large extent, medically unneccessary and worthless.

Jane wanted to make a difference and be of real value to her patients, especially to little ones.

I came to realize that my true calling in dentistry was to help children get the care they need.”

Once a week Jane joined a mobile clinic in New Jersey and helped children from destitute families who needed to fix dental issues.

“I loved it — I was working with children and, having been a teacher, it was a great fit.”

After working there for some time Jane was determined to look for a job of the same kind. It was Kool Smiles with the same mindset and values as she had.

I get to do the things that I love

Today Jane Wang is the Area Dental Director at the company in Baltimore city. She not only treats patients, but also tutors children and mentors a foster child.

Recently, Dr. Wang joined medical missions trips, regularly made by Kool Smile.

Their aim is to treat children and grown-ups in less developed countries and consequently, impact their lives, bringing high-quality service and human care.

Jane says she is very happy with her career change and adds, “I get to do the things that I love”.

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