7 Famous People Who Are Super Nice In Person

It often seems that celebs and non-celebs are like planets that never meet. Yet there are those who, in spite of fame and possibilities, prefer simplicity and find time for everyone – from fans to waiters, and by that cause respect and admiration.

Check out the list of 7 nicest celebs from Hollywood! Did your most loved star make it?

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is known for being nice to everyone on set. He knows the crews’ names, treats everybody as equal, and months later may ask about their kids if meets occasionally.  He’s also kind to his fans.

What’s more, once Cruise acted like a hero he usually plays in movies. Back in 1995, Tom was driving along Wilshire Boulevard in Santa Monica and witnessed a young girl, Heloisa Vinhas, had got into car accident. Cruise called an ambulance immediately.

The Mission:Impossible star followed the victim to the hospital where he paid her medical bill when he learned she was uninsured.

Jennifer Lawrence

The actress deserves her status as the most liked in Hollywood and makes the name as being super down-to-earth and easy to work with.

The 2016 highest-paid actress is also known for her kind-heartedness.

For five years Lawrence is visiting a children’s hospital in her hometown of Louisville on Christmas Eve.

Moreover, Lawrence donated $2 million to establish the intensive care unit for kids with heart diseases. The actress made a public appeal to raise additional $2 million.

Tom Hanks

Hanks is a regular among Hollywood’s top good guys. He’s both a caring husband and super-cute towards his fans.

The actor is obsessed with the antiquated art of typewriting. Moreover, he has personalized “HANX” stationery.


When a fan known as Zena asked him for a selfie in 2016, Hanks’ reply was amazing: a Polaroid photo of himself with a photo of Zena in one hand and the typewritten letter in the other.


The same year Hanks surprised a newlywed couple taking their wedding photos in Central Park. The actor was jogging through the park when he saw the wedding photo shoot and decided to introduce himself to the happy bride and groom, Elisabeth and Ryan.

Instead of passing by, he took off his hat and told: “Hi, I’m Tom Hanks.” The newlyweds invited Tom to take a few pictures with them and he kindly agreed.

Mila Kunis

Mila is famous for being down-to-earth, friendly, self-deprecating and cool to fans.

Kunis has long been adored by everyone for simply being herself.


In 2009 Mila showed her respect to a veteran of Afghanistan war. Sgt. Scott Moore asked her if she didn’t mind and would accompany him to the Marine Corps Ball in Greenville.

Mila accepted the invitation and spent the whole evening dancing and talking to veterans as an ordinary girl.

Matthew McConaughey


Not only is Matthew McConaughey handsome and talented, he’s apparently very nice, super-polite and kind.

Matthew is also famous for his extensive charity work. Take, for instance, Thanksgiving of 2016, when the actor took part in Texas program Meals on the Wheel.

The star with his family spent all day delivering door-to-door meals to homeless, elderly or disadvantaged.

Emma Watson

Emma Watson is known for her active public life as an advocate for women to the UN. She also has a reputation of a fan lover.


One more case when she gave fans a reason to love her was in 2011. While walking on East 78th Street in New York, she met a 5 y.o. boy dressed as Harry Potter, complete with oversized glasses, Hogwarts robes and a wand.

The actress approached the boy and asked him whether he was Harry Potter. After he answered a YES, she replied, “That’s great, because I’m Hermione Granger and we’re best of friends!” and gave him a big hug.

That meeting ended with a cute photo of Hermione and little Harry.

Zach Galifianakis

Zach Galifianakis is famous for being polite, easy-tempered and friendly with fans and beloved for being surprisingly down-to-earth as he drives the same car he owned before he got famous.

When Zach was a struggling actor twenty years ago, he befriended with a homeless woman Mimi who worked at his laundromat. The woman lived on tips from customers and one of them was Galifianakis.

After the stunning success in 2009 with Hangover, he stopped visiting laundromat, but continued visiting his old friend.


The actor rented an apartment for her, but then bought her own flat. Zach still visits Mimi and brings her groceries. Moreover, Zach walked the red carpet at the last two Hangover premiers.

The woman joked she was often mistaken for his girlfriend.

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