College Dropout From A Needy Family Reaches Her Dream Of Beсoming An Artist, Helps Gifted Kids

Deprived of almost everything, Jessica Cone never gave up on her dream of becoming an artist.

Today she runs her own art studio and helps talented children in need to achieve their dreams.


Jessica was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. The girl has had a passion for drawing since childhood – drawing all the time, mostly anime in cartoons.

Having completed elementary school, Jessica applied to the middle school specializing in art but was rejected. They told her that what she did “was not art”. 

To make things worse, Jessica’s childhood was full of deprivations and hardships – an alcoholic mother and bullying from classmates who considered her interest in art strange and kiddy.

The girl’s drawing passion was supported by father. He bought Jessica a laptop and regularly took his daughter to the library to use Internet. The teen was looking forward to high school.

While applying to advanced school of arts and studies, Jessica faced another obstacle – her middle school education was not art, so she could not enter high school with this major.

You still have a chance. Don’t give up on your art

Instead, Jessica got accepted to the academy that taught the basics of drawing and digital art. As the girl wanted to make video games, the option suited her even more.

It was in the academy where Jessica’s talent got first tangible appreciation from a mentor. The would-be artist took part in different web design competitions, won first places and earned a four-year scholarship to Florida State College at Jacksonville, which she entered in 2007.

At college she understood at once she had troubles with Math. Jessica had to take two jobs to pay for additional classes. It didn’t help, and she dropped out of college after the first semester.

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Jessica was ready to give up when one of the colleagues told her, “You still have a chance. Don’t give up on your art.”

The girl returned to college and focused on it entirely. In 2011 she graduated with a technical certificate in multimedia and design.

That year Cone started selling her illustrations and graphic designs for video gaming events and tournaments. The money she earned was enough to make a living.

There are no setbacks in striving for success

In addition to earning, Jessica wanted to make a difference in the community. “I kept praying that one day I’d be able to actually have enough money to start helping kids along this journey,” Cone said.

Six years later Jessica found sponsors  and opened Vee Art Studios charity that helps underprivileged students interested in digital art get computers free of charge.

Since last summer Vee Art Studios has collected money for two kids. One of them was Ronald,  a talented boy whom they gifted a laptop, drawing tablet and the necessary software.

The business owner hopes she will be able to help more kids to pursue their dream of studying art in 2018. Jessica also wants to open a public art studio where kids would have free access to computers to learn about digital illustration and be able to get practical advice from professionals.

But above all, Jessica Cone wants to prove with her own life experience that there are no setbacks in striving for success.

Source: Veeartsudios, Facebook, News4jax

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