How Hard Work And Diligence Led A Montreal Girl From Office Desk To The Sky

After some years in  sales, Sara LL shifted advertising to aviation. She put every effort to study, changed her lifestyle completely and became a flight attendant.


Sara was born in Montreal and raised in a family with strong work ethic. In her adolescence the girl understood that a job that brings satisfaction, no matter the earnings, is not for her. The only option accepted in a family was a 9-to-5 job.

The girl entered university, majored in marketing and got a bachelor’s degree.

Without experience and only two summer internships, it was not easy to land a job. Finally, Sara got a sales position in an advertising company in Montreal.

Relocation to Los Angeles was a culture shock for Sara

The girl started climbing the career ladder and got promoted.  It was a position in a new office in Los Angeles.

Relocation to Los Angeles was a culture shock for Sara. In a new city her social circle was limited to only colleagues. Even when people invited her out for coffee, most often those were just words and it never happened.

The hardest part to adapt to this new way of life which was “living in the moment”

Sara says it was just an expression of politeness and nothing more.

“For me, if you say you will do something, you follow through,” she says.

The marketing specialist concentrated on her work and exploring Los Angeles. One more way to get away from a busy schedule was to visit gym. Sara met many people who shared the same interests there and things finally got back to normal around her.


A few days before completing a year in LA the girl was unexpectedly laid off. She saw this moment as a complete failure at that time.

“Looking back it was the best thing that ever happened to me…but didn’t feel like that at the time.” Sara says.

Without any plans for the future, Sara started coaching for some time. It was in the gym where she met a girl who told her about her flight attendant job.

I was forced to change who I was, to the core

The former marketing specialist thought it was a perfect opportunity and sent a resume to a private company hiring for their ground team. She was successful at the interview but that was just the beginning.

The girl had to study a lot and began from helping other flight attendants to prepare planes on the ground.

The new job completely changed my mindset

To begin flying Sara had to go to Flight Safety and Culinary School in Long Beach. After graduation she became a full-time floater with the company.


The position presupposed substituting other flight attendants on vacation and being ready for any unexpected flight.

The new job completely changed Sara’s mindset.

I never thought my love for travel could become a source of income

She has always had an incredibly organized life planned a year ahead. With the new position she could plan only her six days off a month. She had to be on call 24 hours a day and ready to go anywhere at once.

It was the hardest part to adapt to this new way of life which was “living in the moment”.

“I was forced to change who I was, to the core; becoming a highly flexible and adaptable individual,” she says.

After a year of keeping her bags packed day and night, Sara started working with another company in one and the same crew to avoid hectic life.


“I never thought my love for travel could become a source of income, let alone my only source of income!” she says.

Today the girl enjoys her new way of life and a satisfying career without constant pop ups. Sara says she never regretted making this career twist:

If you want something you never had, you have to do something you never did.” 

Source: The flight attendant life

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