One More Game. Kentucky Girl Who Almost Lost Her Leg Returns To Soccer

McKenna Pfeiffer from Kentucky has played soccer since elementary school. In March 2012 she got into an accident that almost tore her leg off.

Six months after the injury the girl returned to the field, playing successfully as the school team’s goalkeeper for the next six years.

Photo: Courtesy Of McKenna Pfeiffer

That day McKenna accidentally got hit by the running buggy.   

Yes I will, and I’ll play again

She was airlifted to the University of Louisville Hospital with her left leg hanging on by a few pieces of skin. There were no predictions about whether the leg could have been saved, not to mention her ability to walk and play.

McKenna went through five surgeries and six months of intensive physical therapy afterwards.

Photo: Courtesy Of McKenna Pfeiffer

Rehab was a hell. As McKenna puts it, “it was the absolute worst part of healing”. Doctors said she would not walk again. But she did not believe it could be true.

The girl had never feared it. She looked at her mom and said, “yes I will, and I’ll play again.”

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The main goal for McKenna was to continue to play soccer. Her mother and therapist knew it so they pushed her through tears and pain to that goal.

Without them there’s no doubt I wouldn’t have been able to play again. I couldn’t have done it without them.” McKenna told Why Nots.

Six months after the injury she was back on field.

Photo: Courtesy Of McKenna Pfeiffer

Without the doctor’s permission McKenna got back to the field upon returning to Spencer County School.

The family was convinced that after the hell they had gone through, the girl did not have anything to lose.

“Why not try again is honestly what I thought,” McKenna says. “You know what, why not? What’s the worst thing that can happen? I told myself I would never have this opportunity again. So let’s go for it”.

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The girl admits she had fears. But she did not think about them and never let them hold her back. McKenna says she wanted to play soccer so much that the fear didn’t matter.

Photo: Courtesy Of McKenna Pfeiffer

The first game after her return ended with a victory for Spencer County team thanks to Pfeiffer who had saved two shots.

My high school season was the best experience

After high school the girl entered Spalding University and continued to play soccer there. Her coach Shilo Rayburn was also surprised to learn about her serious injury.

McKenna sacrifices a little piece of herself every day as a goalkeeper. I could see the toughness in her right away,” Rayburn said.

In December 2017 McKenna played her last game for the university. She decided to make soccer her hobby and not take as a professional career.

Photo: McKenna Pfeiffer/Facebook

“Being able to complete my high school season was the best experience. If I get hurt at least I’ll get to play one more game,” McKenna says.

The buggy stayed untouched in the Baker’s garage for several months after the accident. But as the girl returned to soccer, she and Jordan, her husband-to-be, started to take it to ride again.

“The accident was horrible, but I didn’t think I’d be where I am today when it happened,” Pfeiffer said. “It really is incredible.”

Source: CourierJournal

Featured image: Courtesy Of McKenna Pfeiffer

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