8 Things To Cut Out Of Your Life For A Better 2018

When making the list of resolutions for the New Year, it’s also a good idea to think about what to leave behind in the past year.

For example, the things or habits that are no longer serving as one’s motivators or incentives.

Well, in 2018 it’s high time to get rid of…

1. Excuses


If you say you’re going to do something, do it.

Don’t accept your own excuses even if you have to complete something hideous. This way you will steel your character and develop more self-confidence.

Be No1 subject of admiration this year. At least for yourself.

2. Fidget spinners


Use your fingers for something more useful than twirling a random object called fidget spinner.

It came out of nowhere and for whatever reason, so let it remain in 2017 forever.

3. Fear of trying new


Of course, you never know how it will turn out; but no one ever accomplished anything by letting fear conquer them.

At least, you won’t live with regrets if you try.

4. Toxic people


People treat you the way you teach them to treat you. Stop thinking you deserve disrespect or undervaluing.

Those in your life who are negative, unsupportive or unreliable… off they go.

5. Being glued to mobile phone day’n’night


Do you wake up and go to bed with your smartphone in hand?

According to a research from the University of California, there is direct correlation between using a phone at bedtime and poor sleep quality.

Naturally, it is impossible to completely deny a smartphone in our era of high technologies. But you can easily make 2018 a year of reduced phone usage.

6. Thinking that perfection = happiness


Perfectionism paralyzes. Stop wanting everything and everyone to be perfect.

Instead, teach yourself to embrace your imperfections.  It is one of the keys to happiness.

7. Spending most of the day sittin


This year try to overcome the 2017 “too much sitting” syndrome. Spending all working day in a chair poses real risk to your mental and physical health.

Make a commitment to get up and move every hour. Or, if your natural laziness wins, try a standing desk.

8. Despacito


The song’s so overplayed that just a few beats of Despacito make everyone sick.

Wanna dance like they do in Puerto Rico one more time?

Then play Despacito at 11:56:10 pm on New Year’s Eve, so that it ends before midnight and ultimately stays in summer 2017 where it belongs.

What do you think?

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