Last Name Forever. 11-Years-Old Gives Her Step-Dad The Best Birthday Present

I know your birthday is 13 days away but I am too excited to hold it in…

It all started 10 years ago. Angel Trevino, a single mom of three from Refugio, Texas, got acquainted with Tudy Trevino.

Photo: Angel Trevino/Facebook

The man took in Angels’ children and treated them like his own. Her youngest daughter, HaLeigh, was only nine months old.

Her biological dad is not listed on the birth certificate so the girl has been considering Tudy her real father all her life.

Today 2-1-2018 will be a day we will cherish forever as we grow old…

Photo: Angel Trevino/Facebook

Last November, Angel decided to change HaLeigh’s last name for Tudy’s thus making it a birthday present for her husband.

The woman says she tried to do it earlier but the process would take too much money she did not have.

Just before the New Year the mom learned her request was denied. 

Photo: Angel Trevino/Facebook

Angel made an attempt once again in January. That time everything worked out!

HaLeigh Danielle Abila is now HALEIGH DANIELLE TREVINO!

Angel received all the documents in the end of January. Tudy’s birthday is on February 14.  

Photo: Angel Trevino/Facebook

It was the best moment ever, the happiest one! Angel was so excited to delight her husband that she was unable to wait.

She composed a touching message, took birth certificate and packed it into envelope.

You stole her heart from day 1 but today she stole your last name forever!

On February, 1 HaLeigh handed the unexpected present to her father.

What a cute family! 

Source: Scubby, Longroom, Youtube

Featured image: Angel Trevino/Facebook

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