Girl Waved To Operators In New York Subway Every Morning. One Day The Train Stopped For Her!

Stella made friends with the operators who drive her to school in the morning. On St. Valentine’s Day the five-year-old New Yorker got the most lovely surprise a little girl could get.

Photo: Angi Gonzalez/Twitter

Every morning Stella stands on the platform with her father at the Longwood Station in Bronx.

When the 6 train rolls in to take them to the Upper West Side, the girl waves to the operators.

She‘s been doing it for five months since she has started school, the family’s friend told in a Facebook post. Usually she gets a wave, and sometimes even a honk of the horn.

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On St. Valentine’s Day Stella was there again as usual, 7 a.m. sharp. She saw the train and prepared to repeat her usual morning ritual but to the girl’s surprise the train was unusually slow.

The girl asked her father what was going on. Unsuspecting, he thought it was the usual traffic mess and just shrugged.

As the impatient passengers crowded on the platform, the train approached Stella and her father. The operator’s window opened and the man in the driver’s cabin gave the girl a box of chocolates.

Photo: Angi Gonzalez/Twitter

“Happy Valentine’s! Every day I see you here and my day becomes brighter because of a little girl standing here on platform and waving, ” he said, pushed on the accelerator, reached the end of the platform, took on the hasty passengers and drove further, taking Stella to school as usual.

The family was looking for the operator to thank him. With the help of NY1 they found out that Stella’s Valentine was 47-year-old Joe Moreno.

Photo: Angi Gonzalez/Twitter

Journalists passed on Stella’s message to Joe who explained his gift like: “To the average New Yorker, we’re invisible — but not to Stella!”

That morning, when buying chocolate to his wife and daughter, Joe decided to get one more box – for the wonderful little girl on the platform.

Awwwww, so sweet!

Source: Asya DolinaNY1, Meduza

Photo: Angi Gonzalez/Twitter, jren6/Flickr.

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