Parents Of Ten From Wisconsin Take Action To Resolve Local Foster Care Crisis

In 29 years of marriage Heather and Mark Lojeski from Racine County, Wisconsin, have parented 10 children.

Photo: Heather Lojeski/ Facebook

Now they are going further – the couple plans to build a temporary home for foster kids to help solve local foster home crisis.

Heather and Mark got acquainted in 1986 and married three years later

The Lojeskis have always been into helping destitute kids.

Heather has felt the need to help struggling children after growing up in an abusive home.

Photo: Heather Lojeski/ Facebook

They worked in camps for abused children many times and know how little it takes to show compassion and help.

As Heather and Mark love children very much, they had 10 – both biological and adoptive. Moreover, they dreamt of helping even more kids.

In 2013 the couple took the next step to help children

They founded Faith, Hope and Love, an organization supports abused, abandoned and neglected children as it has always been a part of their dream and priority. 

“Together as a community, we can build Faith Hope & Love in the lives of children in crisis and help them write a new chapter in their lives,” the spouses say.

Photo: Heather Lojeski/ Facebook

The organization’s main mission is to help and support all kids going through difficult life situation from Racine County, Wisconsin.   

They’ve helped dozens of children since the foundation. Thanks to Heather and Mark’s efforts, many children have been successfully transitioned from foster to adoptive families and found loving parents.

The Lojeskis decided to fulfil another part of their dream

Photo: Heather Lojeski/ Facebook

They want to build a temporary home for foster children before being placed to adoptive families. For that reason they need to raise $200,000.

According to Heather, Racine County experiences a foster home shortage with 360 children in foster care and only 88 foster homes. So, their home will be the first step to help hundreds of children in trouble.

The family plans to shelter children while looking for suitable parents

They will provide fosterlings with all the necessities, medical care and food.

Heather and Mark will also keep siblings together and not divide them to other cities. Their main aim is to make children feel at home during this traumatic period.  

Photo: Heather Lojeski/ Facebook

It’s just a really great way to give back to your community,” Heather says.

One cannot but fully agree with the family whose life has always been devoted to helping needy and deprived.

Source: Fox6now, Facebook, Fhlforkids

Featured image: Facebook

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