Strangers Help Pregnant Woman Who Broke Down Over Her Toddler’s Misbehavior At LAX

Just imagine this: a busy airport, you are waiting for your flight being exhausted and fussy a bit. A toddler is crying, screaming and rolling on the floor near you.

When it’s time to board, his mom fails to chase and soothe the kid, therefore she gets stressed out.

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What would your reaction be?

That’s exactly what happened earlier this February inside the Los Angeles International Airport.

A pregnant mom was travelling alone with her child, a boy of about two years old. He started freaking out and refused to board the plane.

The woman got so upset by her son’s naughtiness that she finally broke down.

Women, boarding other flights, came to assistance. They approached the kid and his mom. Without arrangement, perhaps supposedly.

Perhaps not all of the women were mothers but they united at the moment the crying mom needed their support most.

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Those women accomplished their mission, not for praise or acknowledgement.  They took their seats and did not even discuss what had happened. Beth concluded that “a circle of women, with a mission, can save the world”.

The story proves there is actually some good in the world.

It went viral with 18K shares where people sent messages of thank and approval.

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