I Wanna A Life. Virginian Man Holds Sober By Helping Others Battle Addiction

Justin receives calls from drug-addicts daily. That day it was his old friend:

-So when is last time you got high?


-When you gonna stop getting high?

-Honestly, I don’t want to get high, Justin. I wanna a life, man….

Photo: Justin Ponton/Facebook

Justin Ponton first tried marijuana and alcohol as a teenager. He had been an addict for almost 20 years but got strongly determined to get clean.

Now Ponton, 34, is the CEO of Newness Of Life, a community for recovering addicts in Huntington,West Virginia.

Justin comes from a single-parent family. His mother, a struggling alcoholic, had to work much to support the family. The boy was frequently left on his own and spent time in a company of older friends, so he tried first soft drugs at the age of 11.

Helping others is exactly what helps him most

After 10 years of taking marijuana, he addicted to heavy drugs. Justin spent the following years mostly imprisoned or homeless.   

In June 2012 Justin was released on parole. Having nothing and no one, Justin went to Huntington faith-based recovery center. His rehab effort failed – ironically, the man was kicked out of the centre for selling drugs.

Photo: Justin Ponton/Facebook

The next year was a complete disaster. Ponton was slinging drugs and lived on streets of Huntington. He almost approached the bottom when his mother and girlfriend stopped answering his calls.

It was a final straw and a starting point to recovery. At last Justin accepted he had a heroin problem.

That’s my job, help people

A second time around, the man found strength to join a rehab program. Having come through different treatment stages, Justin has been drug-free for four years already.

During the recovery Justin got acquainted with Jami, who later became his girlfriend. The girl slid into drugs after a surgery that forced her to take painkillers with opioids. Like Justin, she helps former abusers get back on their feet.

Justin with his daughter. Photo: Justin Ponton/Facebook

Helping other addicts find their way became Justin’s primary purpose so he founded his own recovery center for men called Newness Of Life in 2014. 

“That’s my job, help people. All day long, 24/7,” he says. 

Ponton spends most of his spare time sharing his story as an example for those willing to recover. He helps Newness patients get back on feet by assisting them in finding a job, an apartment, and aiding them psychologically.  

Justin with his mom. Photo: Justin Ponton/Facebook

Saving others is a life saver for Justin, too. He confesses he is still trying to stay sober himself so  helping others is exactly what helps him most.

-Just get to Huntington, alright?


-Alright, I love you.

Source: Thelevisalazer, Herald-dispatch, Nationswell

Featured image: Facebook

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