Prescription For Youth. 90-Year-Old Doctor Had A Hell Of A Career And Has No Plans To Retire

In 1957, they used iron lung to treat people with polio, and the measles vaccine wasn’t created. In 60 years, there have been many changes in medicine, but one thing remains the same — John M. Dorsey is still a practicing doctor at Beverly Hills Pediatrics.

Dr. John Dorsey, who turned 90, is a pediatrician at Beverly Hills Pediatrics in Bingham Farms. Screenshot: Detroit Free Press

John Dorsey has seen it all

The doctor has witnessed the Great Depression, the Vietnam War, the birth of Microsoft, Apple and all those weirdest internet memes. He says he was carried through times by his passion — medicine. Dr. Dorsey delivered babies, performed spinal taps and consulted patients in his private office.

He still does that, the doctor only quit doing house calls.

Dorsey often was seen on many television talk shows and served as a colonel in the Army. Photo: Dr. John Dorsey

The secret of Dorsey’s bright mind brought him into medicini in the first place. It’s curiosity. 

“It’s his attitude toward life that is just unbelievable,” said Dr. Anna Maria Oniciu, who has worked with Dorsey for 26 years. “He can read about airplanes, about Einstein, and then, he just talked to me last month about Coco Chanel.”

The doctor is interested in everything, and that’s why he stays young.

The pediatrician outlived a hospital

Dorsey’s medical training fell on the height of the poliomyelitis epidemic. He recalls being in charge of the iron lung ward at the Herman Kiefer Hospital. It was closed by Detroit city authorities in 2013.

“The epidemics were very frightening, and they were epidemics,” the doctor recalls. “It was terrifying.”

Dr. John Dorsey exams Jared Pauli, 18. Screenshot: Detroit Free Press

He’s now close to 400,000 office visits

Throughout his impressive career, Dr. Dorsey has taken care of health of thousands of Michigan children. He also was one of the early advocates of infant car seat laws and served on a General Motors advisory panel on car seat safety.

According to the Federation of State Medical Boards, only about 10% of American doctors continue to work past age 70

Dorsey co founded Beverly Hills Pediatrics in 1959.

“I’ve seen so much over the years, but that doesn’t make me an expert,” the doctor laughs.It only makes me an expert by default because I’ve seen so much.”

The pediatrician has a unique advantage of generational knowledge — some of his patients are now 60 years old: I’ll get three generations of families instead of just two.”

The doctor inspires younger generations of his patients

Alexa Doria, 18, is from the Anagnos family that Dorsey attends to since early 1970s. She got interested in John’s work and plans to pursue medicine in university:

“It’s amazing to see the generations of our family, and the fact that he’s still the same, wonderful doctor he is. I can only aspire to be half as good.”

Screenshot: Detroit Free Press

Dorsey has no plans to retire yet

The doctor’s schedule has dropped to three days in the office, but Dorsey says he will practice as long as he can. Pediatrician has seen how friends who have retired have “faded into oblivion”.

“I think people who wistfully retire and lose their licensing… They wind up playing golf.”

John M. Dorsey, M. D. don’t play golf.

Sources: Beaumont, Detroit Free Press

Featured Image: Beaumont, Detroit Free Press, Dr. John M. Dorsey

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