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15 Thoughts About Life And Inspiration From A Small-Town Ceramics Artist

It takes courage to start doing what you’re really passionate about. We always admire people who make their dreams become reality.

Erica Williams is a ceramics artist. She grew up in a small town in Texas and spends days in her studio covered in clay, but she does what she loves and shares her work and inspiration with others.

  • I love seeing a bruise from last weeks kayaking adventure just as much as I love seeing a stack of handmade plates that are a little wonky. Those things make us who we are and tell a story about our journey.

There’s something to learn in something that holds you back. Trust that the universe has your back and leap like the mighty badass that you are.

  • Not thinking and just doing has gotten me a lot further than giving things too much thought. Because it’s my gut reaction. It’s the decision that i know deep down is right.

Публикация от Erica Williams | THrō Ceramics (@erica_m_williams)

  • I’m pretty sure I’m a hard headed pain in the ass sometimes, but my heart is in the right place. If it wasn’t, I wouldn’t be where i am today.

One thing I never expected was to be a ceramicist. I had no idea what I was gonna do, but I knew it was what wanted. It was a decision I made for myself, it made me happy.

  • Perfect is not the goal because it doesn’t exist. Process is. 
  • Making the bed, getting dressed, reading, taking care of myself and keeping my space neat because it makes ME feel good. Ok, that, and my OCD. It’s so much more than just doing things for yourself though. It’s about building healthy habits and having integrity.

  • I like to keep my circle of people small. I love meeting new people. I just have to handle those new people one at a time.

Sometimes I need space. I’m the type of person who likes to spend a lot of time alone away from the phone. To disappear and do my own thing.

  • When you become more resilient within yourself, you put up with less bullshit from people. You don’t care if your dog, neighbor, friend, sister, bro from another mom or even that fish looking at you from the fish tank over there thinks you’re crazy.

  • Sometimes I wish I was a little kid so i could clean my plate and take long naps and everyone would be so proud.
  • When I’m distracted, I start hesitating, getting ahead of myself or completely forgetting things. Like trying to take my sock off while my shoes is still on. “Damn it! Erica, shoe first.” But once I give myself the space to actually clear my head, then I’m right back on track.

Sometimes we have to do things even when we’re not ready for it. The way we handle the things that make us feel overwhelmed says a lot about who we are as humans.

  • I remember doctors telling my dad that it was scientifically impossible for him to walk again because of the breaks in his back. I also remember the look on his face that said. “Yeah, we’ll see about that.” I catch that look on my face from time to time. I watched this man walk again. Seeing that has taught me more about life than anything.

  • When someone says “Oh my gosh! I just love drinking out of your mugs.” It just makes my heart so full. Because that’s what making all these things is about. Creating a connection.

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