Grow A Beard And Dye Your Hair Or How To Change Your Life By Changing Your Look

When you look good on the outside, you will feel good on the inside. Your appearance is the reflection of your own self-esteem. It is how you present yourself to the world really does get you ahead in life.

 Even small modifications to the way you look can change your life.

Grow a beard

Not only beards are back in vogue but also there are some more bonuses you will get if let it grow. Apart from the fact it slows down ageing, filters germs and prevents acne, it makes you look more masculine and boosts confidence. 

Photo: Gwilym Pugh/ Instagram

Gwilym Pugh was an ordinary insurance salesman. He was overweigh, felt miserable and went to work only. One day his barber suggested him growing a beard.

Ever since his life has changed forever. He lost weight, and gave up a desk job to become a model, musician and social media influencer.

Lose some weight

Shedding hated pounds sometimes means more than just a slimmer silhouette and new clothes. In addition to it, you get skyrocketing energy level, a lower risk of cancer and a better mood.

Screenshot: Today

 When Chasity Davis, 41, was pregnant with the third baby, she weighed 365 pounds. Shortly after delivering, she experienced a three-seconds-long heart stop but fortunately stayed alive. It as a point of no return. She started a healthy diet and walked every day. She found new friends, became more self-confident and improved relations with her husband.

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Or gain a few pounds

People sometimes should not cut calories, but increase their number a day to improve the quality of life. Underweight people feel sick and tired all the time. Moreover, gaining weight may change your way of life completely.

Photo: Crystal Renn/Twitter

Crystal Renn is an American plus size model. At 14 she was told to lose at least third of her total body weight to become a successful model. That led to anorexia which she had been battling for six years.

The girl restored her eating habits, gained 70 pounds and became one of the world’s most successful plus-size models.

Get a new hairstyle

A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life,” fashion legend Coco Chanel used to say. Changing your hair color or trying a new cut gives you a new chance to express your individuality to the world and thus take a new turn in life.

Photo: LaurieBstyle Image Consultant & Stylist/ Facebook

One day Laurie Brucker from Los Angeles understood she was feeling completely uninspired and exhausted. Laurie says that changing hairstyle has always accompanied changes in her life.

The woman visited a hairstylist, got her locks cut and dyed them blonde. That simple update completely changed her perspective on herself. Laurie recollects that she started feeling powerful and beautiful again. She got a new start in her own stylist career and felt fresh possibilities for development.


It’s not a secret that getting a tattoo is not only a way of decorating your body but also a way of self-expression and self-statement.

Photo: Pixabay

People on different forums for tattoo lovers confess that tattoos made them more positive, confident, increased their self-esteem and all of them claim tattoos are a nice conversation starter.

Some people make tattoos to cover scars so it is a good way of solving emotional and psychological issues.

Featured image: Inatagram

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