Stop Yawning. 5 Ways To Deal With After-Lunch Productivity Dips

We all familiar with this feeling — you eat your lunch and start to feel drowsy, trying to fight off yawns and microsleeps.

Here are some easy hacks to remain the same lump of energy you were in the morning.

1. Never skip your lunch


It may seem like a good idea if you’re swamped with work, but it’s not. Never go more than five hours without eating, otherwise your brain will shut down completely and the rest of the day will be wasted.

2. Remember that you are what you eat


Carefully choose what you put in your lunchbox. Sugary foods can boost your energy for a short period, but you’ll find yourself yawning again in no time. In other words, no burgers, sodas or tacos for you.

Such a menu is a sure way to turn yourself into a digesting office drone.

3. Do a mini workout


Hours spent at a desk for sure contribute to your drowsiness and, what’s more unpleasant, boredom.

A short walk outside can get your blood pumping again. “I have no time for that” is not an excuse. You can always spare a moment to do a couple of squats or jumping jacks.

Don’t mind co-workers’ puzzled looks. You’ll have the last laugh at 5PM.

4. Keep a chewing gum in your drawer


Researchers from St. Lawrence University found out that students who chewed gum before a test performed better that those who did not. Chewers were especially good at parts that engaged memory and recall.

Just don’t overdo it, or you’ll end up thinking about aching jaws and not the task at hand.

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5. Have a good laugh


Scientists say that laughter engages cognition-boosting chemicals in your brain, which help you feel energized. Browse through YouTube pet videos, have a giggle with some trashy GIFs or share a funny gossip with colleagues.

In the name of hard work, of course.

To finish your recharge, watch this video.  

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Featured Image: The Office/NBC

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