Depression Survivor Invents Cheerboxes To Cheer Up And Push People To Change

Tamar Lucien struggled depression for more than a year. Having come through different treatments and psychologists sessions, she vowed to never let circumstances determine her disposition again.

In January 2016 she founded MentalHappy, a program cheering people up and on.

Photo: Tamar Lucien/Twitter

It all started after Lucien failed her first business attempt. She got depressed and developed anxiety. In struggling to overcome that state she visited dozens of psychologists and underwent medical treatment. One day she understood – it was she herself who could treat her.

Tamar was born and raised in South Florida. She graduated from Florida State University and University of Phoenix and earned both bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Economics.

The woman started her first business CanUStart in 2013. Its aim was to simplify the process of connecting applicants with employers. As any entrepreneur, she wanted to succeed and strived to achieve that goal.

Photo: Tamar Lucien/Twitter

Unfortunately, it was a wasted effort.

In May 2015 Tamar had to stop the business due to high competition and poor financial planning.

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Her experience of fighting depression taught that when one dwells on misfortunes of everyday life, they welcome negativity in life.

Photo: Tamar Lucien/Twitter

That year one of her friends lost a baby and Tamar decided to support her. She knew it should be a box with meaningful items to cheer her friend up.

Tamar recollects, “When my friend took the box, she told that none of this shit would help her”.

Her friend opened the box only some weeks after she had recieved it. Later she confessed, “When I opened the box, I took shower for the first time after my baby’s death“.

Tamar started MentalHappy in 2016 as a hobby with the initial budget of $250. She wanted to help people overcome their own sadness, anxiety, and depression as well as help people after divorces and victims of domestic violence.

Photo: Tamar Lucien/Twitter

That’s what gave a start to MentalHappy Cheerboxes. Cheerbox is an extremely personal intentional gift. It is always unique with personal things for every individual.

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Tamar says such boxes are filled with happiness and help addressees overcome the darkest moments in life and speed up healing process.  Each item in a MentalHappy Cheerbox promotes relaxation, childlike joy, positivity, self-love and motivation.

Since its launch, MentalHappy has helped dozens of people start their struggle with depression or anxiety, gave a bit of heartwarming aid and promoted empathy.  

The business owner adds, “It doesn’t help them completely, but it allows to tell that their life is not over and take the first step to healing”.

Such a nice and gentle kick-start to restart a life, isn’t it?

Source: MentalHappy, Nvhotels, Twitter, Facebook

Featured image: Tamar Lucien/Twitter, MentalHappy/Instagram.

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