Right Place Right Time. Florida Couple Adopts Abandoned Baby After 20 Years Of Praying For Him

Lorraine and Charles Nichols have dreamt of having a baby for 20 years. They spent tens of thousands of dollars on in-vitro fertilization, to no avail.

Last May their life forever changed when the couple found an abandoned newborn in a pickup truck

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11-months-old Charlie lives  in his own room at a four-bedroom northeast Tallahassee house. His parents are Charles and Lorraine Nichols and they’ve waited for a son for several decades.

Last November the family received “The Capital Outlook’s Family of The Year”  at the Florida Faith Symposium to individuals who positively impacted the life of a child.

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The Nicholses got acquainted in an Albertson grocery store, Tallahassee, where Lorraine worked as a cashier. They both had had unhappy marriages and bitter divorces. Charles was left with three children – ages five, six and nine.

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Lorraine, 46, brought up her husband’s children as her own but always wanted a daughter.

Unfortunately, the woman did not have any chances for pregnancy. She survived two breast cancer occurrences and hormones could bring the disease back.  

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In November 2016, the family decided to adopt a baby.

Having prepared all the necessary documents, they were told the process might take years.

Full of despair, the couple called a private adoption attorney to accelerate the process for money. It was the end of April, 2017.

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May 6 early morning. A Tallahassee resident heard a scream from a pickup and found the newborn.

The boy was less than a week old, wearing only a wet short-sleeved onesie. Temperature was ten degrees lower than common that season. What were the chances of him?

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The baby boy the infant was delivered to Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare. A survivor by nature, the boy named Caleb was amazingly unharmed.

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Lorraine Nichols was on-call respiratory therapist that morning.  This random coincidence predetermined the fate of both Caleb and Lorraine. She called her husband to ask if they could adopt the boy. He supported her.

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Four days later the Nicholses started collecting documents for adoption and brought the boy home.

“I truly believe that what God has for you is for you,” Lorraine said.

Four days later the Nicholses started collecting documents for adoption and brought the boy home. Four months later Caleb, whom they named Charlie, officially became Lorraine and Charles’ son.

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The Nicholses has already planned the baby Charlie’s near future. The boy got a passport for family cruise in March; in April he will start swimming. At three Charlie is supposed to attend Taekwondo classes.

And have a very good life with his forever loving and caring family!

Source: Tallahassee, Capitaloutlook, Rgj

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