One Girl Offers Her Prom Dress To A Stranger In Need And Accidentally Spurs A Whole Movement

Prom can be stressful, so one Maryland teen found a way to help girls enjoy the evening without having to worry about the costs. She offered her prom dress to someone in need in a viral tweet.

Other young women have followed the example and are now loaning free dresses to strangers to make their prom nights special.

Photo: Mika Riddick/Twitter

Mika Riddick, 19, is a bank employee in Glen Burnie, Maryland. Having enjoyed her own prom in 2016, this year she decided to help a stranger.

“I know so many young women are going through financial instabilities,” Mika told BuzzFeed News. “They’re paying a thousand college fees or maybe working overtime to give their paychecks to their families.”

Screenshot: Mika Riddick/Twitter

So she retweeted her prom pictures from two years ago to show a stunning gold and black gown she wore that night. The tweet came with a new caption:

“I’m willing to let a girl in *need* use my prom dress. I’m not charging you anything, just have a great night.”

Screenshot: Mika Riddick/Twitter

Mika also offered shoes and a makeup artist in case the girl needs one.

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The tweet has since received over 13,000 retweets and almost 38,000 likes. The users reflected on their prom experience and admired the girl’s selflessness.

Screenshot: @stephliveslife/Twitter

“I strongly admire how you and some of the people commenting are helping each other out. Made my day,” one of them wrote.

Screenshot: Mika Riddick/Twitter

“You’re a girl everyone needs in their life,” another one added. “Thank you for your kind heart.”

Screenshot: Rachel/Twitter

Some people also noticed the effect the movement had on kids.

“You girls are not just helping whoever gets the dress, you’re setting an example for little girls. You are selfless & amazing role models.”

Screenshot: ry/Twitter

It also spurred a new movement on social media. Following Mika’s example young women post photos of their prom dresses offering them to strangers for free.

Some guys also joined the movement.

Mika has found a girl who’ll wear the dress for her prom on April 28th.

“I really just wanted her and all other girls or anyone out there to know you are not alone,” Riddick told BuzzFeed News.

Source: Buzzfeed News, Independent

Featured Image: Mika Riddick/Twitter

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