Two Strangers Reunite Homeless Man With His Birth Mother After 65 Years Of Separation

Mick Myers is a 67-year-old former truck driver. He had been homeless for 30 years and lost all his documents. Thanks to Deputy Sheriff of Alameda County Mick restored his ID, and this random act of kindness led to one more. Another stranger helped Meyers reunite with his long lost mother.

Screenshot: CBS SF Bay Area/YouTube

One day Alameda County Deputy Sheriff Jacob Swalwell stopped his car to have a “serious talk” with Myers, who was panhandling on the street. The officer, however, changed his intention when he heard Myers’ story.

Whatever time they had on this earth, they will spend it together

The man had no ID and could not get a job, although he tried. Swalwell rallied local authorities and his church pastor to write some letters to officials. Thus, Mick got his ID and a birth certificate, too.

One thing, however, remained unchanged for Myers. “I’ve been living a life as alone as a person can possibly be,” he told CBS SF Bay Area.

This story was aired by KPIX and a man named Mark Askins was watching the news. Askins is a veteran private investigator and he decided to find Myers’ relatives through Miracle Messages, a nonprofit organization he volunteers for.

“He kept referring to ‘I’m lonely, I don’t have anybody in my life’,” Askins recalled.

Screenshot: CBS SF Bay Area/YouTube

Miracle Messages’ mission is to reunite homeless people with their lost family members or friends, helping them to put lives back on track. Mick’s case was especially tough. The man was adopted as a toddler and later was cut off from his adoptive family.  

All he knew that his real last name was Oakley and his mother’s first name was Marie.

Screenshot: CBS SF Bay Area/YouTube

Askins had to begin with something, and so he did with old ledger books of Alameda County Court House. To his own surprise, Mick discovered that Marie — who appeared as Polly — was still alive and lived in Eureka, CA.

Screenshot: CBS SF Bay Area/YouTube

Turned out Marine Paulie Oakley run away from home with a sailor when she was 16 and returned home pregnant. She gave birth to Mick, but two years later Oakley family found out that the toddler has a life-threatening heart condition.

Paulie’s mother insisted “a nice church family” to adopt the baby because they could afford the surgery. That was the last time Paulie saw her son.

When Askins told the 85-year-old woman about her son, she told the investigator she wanted to see Mick.

Screenshot: CBS SF Bay Area/YouTube

Askins and Deputy Sheriff escorted Meyers during his plane trip to Eureka. There he met his new family members and hugged his mother after 65 years.

“He did not just get a mom — he get a whole family,” Paulie Oakley said. That’s true — she’s happily married, has children, grandchildren and grand-grand-children. And now Paulie has one more person to love.

Screenshot: CBS SF Bay Area/YouTube

“To have you back puts back a piece of my heart,” Paulie told his newfound son, holding his hand. Whatever time they had on this earth, they will spend it together.

Paulie has a spare bedroom in her house.

Featured Image: CBS SF Bay Area

Sources: Alameda County Sheriff’s OfficeSan Francisco ChronicleCBS SF Bay Area

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