Life Lessons From A Father Of Five

Justin Ricklefs is a father of five: four daughters and a son. He and his wife Brooke have been married for 15 years.

As head of the large family Justin has been sharing funny and sad stories from their life on his blog. There’s something to learn for anyone.

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Nothing is as awkwardly awesome as having lunch with elementary kids.

  • Oftentimes, the optimism is in an attempt to stuff the hard, scary, sad, dark feelings.
  • In order to really serve my daughter, I didn’t need to be tempted to spray hairspray all over her feelings. In an attempt to make things “better”. Better is actually sitting with her in the sadness and allowing it to look and feel the way it was, not fabricated.
Photo: Justin Ricklefs/Facebook
  • I’m convinced that part of living a meaningful, adventurous, courageous life is stubbing your toe fairly often.
  • The thing about mundane is that it doesn’t have to equate to boring. The mundane is where the real magic and memories can be made.

When you’re 22 and getting married, it’s impossible to have the perspective of a 35 year old.

  • Most times, we need to shut up and listen. At least I do.
  • In our self-centered, me-first culture, admitting we need a guide isn’t common. Raising our hand and saying we need help is perceived as weakness. But it’s the exact opposite. It’s a signal of maturity and strength.

Somewhere along the way, adults quit believing in the improbable and settled for the ordinary. My son’s teaching me to fight that.

  • The thing about family, especially a big one, is that we weren’t made to be together all the time. But the reason leaving is always a little bit harder? Together, we’re able to rebound, rejuvenate and recover from the world around us.
Photo: Justin Ricklefs/Facebook
  • It’s so fun to embarrass [my daughter]. The official book of being a dad has this as chapter one I think.
  • Brooke explained the tree was sick and unable to be saved, our oldest said to her, “just because something is dying, doesn’t mean you stop fighting for it.”

I want to be able to hold court around a long farm table while the red wine is poured where checking notifications on a phone is the furthest thing from anyone’s mind.

Source: Justin Ricklefs

Featured Image: Justin Ricklefs/Facebook

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