Makeup Enthusiast From California Helps Homeless Women Feel Beautiful Again

There are many ways to help the homeless. Giving them makeup doesn’t seem like the most obvious one. Shirley Raines thinks otherwise.

For the past few months she’s been bringing beauty to the streets – one makeup box at a time.

Shirley Raines works for the oncologist’s office, but it’s not the only way she’s serving the community. She has six kids but still finds time to help others.

Every week she goes to the skid row to bring essentials to the homeless in California.

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She started about a year ago delivering food, clothes and hygiene bags to those in need. Soon she noticed the women needed beauty products as much as the necessities.

All the women would compliment me on my makeup and hair color,” Shirley told Why Nots.

That’s when it occurred to me that they are still women in every way and they want to feel like we feel!”

In addition, women living in poor conditions have more problems with their skin and need beauty products to cover bruises and discolorations.

Shirley has always been a makeup enthusiast and had lots of samples at home. She brought them on her next skid row trip. Seeing the response she started collecting makeup donations.

“The reaction was greater than I thought,” the woman shared with Why Nots. “When they see my car they run up, they call it ‘the beauty car’.”

Shirley doesn’t just give the homeless beauty bags. She spends time with them picking colors and products that will suit the women best.

When she returns later, the women show her the results of their transformation.

“There was a gentleman whose girlfriend came to my car each week for makeup,” Shirley recalls. He had never spoken to her before, but one day he pulled the woman to the side. Turned out it was to thank the her.

“He wanted to tell me how good she feels after each of my visits. He thanked me for making her happy.”

It’s important to Shirley that makeup makes the women feel more beautiful and confident. “I try and hand out a dose of pride with each bag,” she said to Why Nots.

I think people forget that behind the dirty clothes and the smell there’s a human being with a heart who deserves respect, love and compassion,” the woman says.

They don’t have to explain anything to us.”

“I met a grown man yesterday who pulled me to the side… as he stared at the ground with embarrassment he asked me if I had any clothes because he was very sick and kept soiling his clothing. He also asked if I had adult diapers, I quickly looked him in his eyes and told him it’s Ok! You don’t have to explain anything to me… simply ask and it shall be given. I know it was hard for him but I’m glad he felt he could come to me.”

Shirley always carries makeup bags with her in case she comes across a woman in need. “I can’t make the streets look better but I can give them makeup so they look better,” she explains.

Source: Shirley Raines / Instagram

Featured Image: Shirley Raines / Instagram

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