My Ego Is My Amigo. Five Healthy Ways To Boost Your Self-Esteem

You need a strong ego to succeed or make an important change in your life. Not the selfishness that is mistakenly confused with the term ‘ego’, but the self-esteem and self-image that make you a person to be reckoned with.

Here are five practices that will help to make your ego stronger instead of blowing it up.

1. Putting your needs first


Yes, it’s that simple, but this simplicity is sometimes difficult to comprehend. When you do what makes you happy, things becomes clear, including the road to your dream.

Don’t allow others’ to deter you from your decisions (assuming, of course, those decisions are sane). You can always learn from someone’s experience, but set distinct boundaries for their opinions.

Remember to put yourself first on the issues that affect your fate only.

2. Laughing more often  


Almost anything in life has a funny side to it; it’s just a question of the right perspective. Humor can feed your ego much better than self-worship because jokes are outward-directed and can disarm offenders,  and wind down conflicts.

Why are comedians so cocky and easy-going? Because they often attack uncomfortable situations with japes rather than trying to adjust to them.

So next time you’ll want to complain about something, first try to come up with a clever punchline.

3. Taking pride in your appearance


When you present yourself in a comfortable and stylish manner, your ego will work for you naturally. This happens according to one simple formula — when you look good, you feel good.

That does not mean you need to blow a ton of money on an exquisite dress or a costume (though such an outfit will boost your ego for sure). Just get something you like and combine it with exercising and good night sleep.

Remember Steve Jobs. This guy was never a fashion icon, but he made black turtlenecks and cool faded jeans iconic. Not to mention his ego that held a room packed with journalists in silent awe for hours.   

4. Getting a pet  


Just one devoted look of your dog or cat can instantly make your ego stronger. But there’s more in relations with a pet than just this unconditional love.

The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology published a research that proved pet ownership to be increasing owner’s self-confidence through a sense of responsibility. You yourself important and aren’t afraid to take more responsibility in other aspects of life.

5. Kicking away bad habits  


It is logical — when you get rid of bad habits, you create a gap for better habits to fill your daily life and therefore enhance your self-esteem. One broken bad habit means you have one less reason to think badly about yourself.

However, remember one important rule — you need to be patient. Old habits die hard, especially if you’ve been stuck with them for decades. It’s going to take some time and efforts to see lasting results.

When you finally see them, your ego will become stronger.

Feratured Image: Me, Myself & Irene/20th Century Fox

Sources: Business2Community, Addicted2Success, Psychology Today

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