Secrets Of Upbeat And Active Living From A 100-Year-Old Runner

Orville Rogers is a remarkable man. He’s 100 years old, and he’s spent half of his life running, having started at 50 after reading Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper’s “Aerobics”. He holds 15 world records, but most importantly he is as healthy and happy as it gets.

What’s his secret?

Orville Rogers and his extended family. Photo: Jessica Anthony/Facebook
  • That’s still my objective: I train hard and I visualize crossing the finish line out in front. And I work at it pretty consistently.

I have no competition at all. All I have to do it show up, suit up, and finish to get a medal.

  • In the summer of 1927, Charles Lindbergh flew the Spirit of St. Louis in a circle above our little schoolhouse in Oklahoma. That brush with greatness inspired me at an early age to reach for the heights and ignore the consequences.

  • I asked God for a lot in life. I wanted a beautiful wife, and a wonderful family, and a good occupation. But I never asked God for a long life, or fame, or riches, and I’ve gotten all three.

I live life with a capital “L”.

  • Every race I’ve ever run I want to finish strong.

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Photo: Jessica Anthony/Facebook
  • I try to do everything in moderation, although I’m very aggressive about life. I live life to the full.

If I’m an inspiration to people, I have to do well, right?

  • I love the challenge. A good part of it is proving that I can still run at an older age.

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Photo: Jessica Anthony/Facebook
  • [During the Cold War] we were prepared emotionally, physically, in every way to drop an atom bomb on a target if war required that. We were on call 24/7, and I’m very grateful that I never had to answer that call.

I determined a long time ago I would be a happy person, and I rejoice that I have been allowed that privilege.

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