12 Rules Of Etiquette From George Washington To Live By In 2018

By the age of 16, George Washington had hand copied a book called “110 Rules of Civility & Decent Behavior in Company and Conversation”. Washington followed those rules throughout his life.

Some of them may seem a bit extreme from the modern point of view. However, they are timeless reminder that we have to be decent to earn respect.

Here are the 12 rules from the founding father that will turn you into a honorable person.

1. Always consider those who surround you.

2. Say it to their face or don’t say it at all.   

“Speak not evil of the absent for it is unjust.”

3. Don’t be a lickspittle.

4. Respect your fellows.

“Show Nothing to your Friend that may affright him.”

5. Trust no rumors.

6. Work hard to evolve the power of your mind.

“Labor to keep alive in your breast that little spark of celestial fire called conscience.”

7. Stay true to your word.   

8. Put your phone down and speak to your friends.

“Read no Letters, Books, or Papers in Company but when there is a Necessity for the doing of it you must ask leave.”

9. Keep a poker face.   

10. Be sure of what you say.

“Think before you speak pronounce not imperfectly nor bring out your words too hastily but orderly & distinctly.”

11. Be cool, even if you disagree with someone.

“Do not argue, rather present your opinion modestly.”

12. Don’t be toxic, even if someone deserves that.

Source: Foundation

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