5 Good Lessons We Can Learn From Bad Guys

Let’s face the facts. No matter how noble and brave our heroes are, we always secretly enjoy watching villains. We don’t want their evil plots to get real, but sometimes the catchphrases and freaky tricks of the ‘bad guys’ are pure gold.

Besides, some of their traits can be put to good use. Take notes!

1. Develop your sense of humor

Role model: Joker

Bad guys have the catchiest one-liners in movies and the most mimicked moves. Why?

Mostly because they are always ready to have a good laugh or even sing when the world is falling apart. Though many of them are completely mad, you have to agree that any work goes with a swing when you crack a good joke.

So, why so serious?

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2. Get an education

Role model: Otto “Doctor Octopus” Octavius

Have you ever noticed that many evil guys are also “geniuses”? Of course, they usually lose the ultimate battle. But at least they had won some science fair prizes back in school.

No matter what your life plan is –  it better be good – you have to do some good learning before putting it into action.

As Doctor Octavius said before switching to evil side, “Being brilliant’s not enough. You have to work hard.”

3. Accept your oddities

Role model: James Moriarty

Modern entrepreneurs say that sometimes a key to success is going against all rules and challenging stereotypes. Who can do this better than villains?

Speak like you’re performing in a Broadway show, wear purple and green, dye your hair red — anything to unsettle your opponents! And never betray who you are.

4. Do not give up when you hit an obstacle  

Role model: Terminator Model T-800

If a villain quit pursuing his evil plan after just one failed attempt, there would not be much epic battle. Can you imagine the Terminator saying “OK, Kyle Reese is too tough, I guess I’ll never kill Sarah Connor!”

Luckily, Sarah stayed alive, but the point is the Terminator did not stop until the credits rolled. Plus, one doesn’t have to be an emotionless killer robot to apply that kind of persistence to any task.

Also, “I’ll be back” is a cool one-liner to say.

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5. Never stop trying to improve

Role model: Ultron

Improve your body, improve your brain, improve reflexes, speech and anything that can bring you closer to your goal. Your conscience and your health are the only instruments you have to succeed in life, so never hesitate to polish them up.

Just don’t kill any humans on the way. You’re the good guy, remember?

Featured Image: The Dark Knight/Warner Bros. Pictures

Sources: Geek Mom, Bustle

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