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5 Lessons We Can All Learn From The Single Mom Whose Grad Pic Is Breaking The Internet

Ieshia Champs has become an instant internet sensation when she shared her graduation photo on Facebook. And it’s not because she’s graduating with honors (though she is).

Iesha is a single mom of five, who has survived homelessness, the death of her children’s father and the loss of her house to a fire. Now she is on the path to become a general attorney with a specialization in family law and juvenile law.

Her story teaches us that it’s never too late to start a new life. What else can we learn this amazing woman?

1. Think it is possible, and it will be

Iesha dropped out of high school and had three children by the age of 23. She thought her dream of becoming a lawyer was lost forever until Prophetess Louise Holman pushed her to finish high school and take her GEDs.

The first success made Iesha more confident and she went on studying.

2. Find someone to support you emotionally

Many times during her studies Iesha was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

One of the reasons she didn’t give up was that she had someone to call to at these difficult moments. Talking to a friend gives you strength to pull through, just like she did.

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3. Find someone willing to ease your workload

Caring for five kids is hard if you do it alone. Thankfully, Iesha had helpers.

Her two cousins often had the children over which allowed the woman to study. Iesha’s eldest son David fed and entertained his siblings while his mom was preparing for classes.

There’s no shame in asking for help.

4. Involve your family in the study process

Studying can be fun even if you aren’t living on campus. Iesha’s kids helped her by holding flash cards and participating in mock trials. Now that her graduation has come, it really feels like a family achievement.

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5. Work hard

Hard work pays off when all other resources fail. Nobody can ace your exams for you, because in the end it’s your career and your life.

“I literally started from the bottom… now I’m here!” Iesha shared. So the most important lesson we can learn is that you should give it your all if you want to succeed.

Sources: Iesha Champs, Fox, Yahoo!

Featured Image: Richard Holman/Facebook, Iesha Champs/Facebook

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