Woman Writes 5 Lines A Day To Give Her Kids The Most Precious Gift

A Redditor Kadysykes shared a photo of a woman in a bar and a heartwarming story behind it.

Photo: kadysykes/Reddit

She fills the journals with love

A Texan saw a woman writing in her journal at a burger bar where she works. She asked the woman what she was doing and the response moved her. Turned out the guest was a stay-at-home mom who was writing letters to give to her kids in the future.

The mother of three daughters comes to a local bar every Wednesday on her way from a church group before heading home to her family.

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While there, she writes a journal. Every day she adds five lines for each of her girls. She fills the journals with love commenting on their “beautiful pigtails” and thanking them for being her inspiration.

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The oldest one is six now. The woman wants to give her daughters the notes on ‘their biggest day’ at their weddings.

Other Redditors felt encouraged to share similar stories about their parents.

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One user told the community about a letter her dad wrote when she was born and only gave her when she was in her 20s.


Another user said the journal her mother kept as a young girl may have saved her life.


Others said they’d have cherished a thing like that.


This woman really is Mom Of The Year!

Source: Reddit

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