Chicago Accountant Becomes NHL Goalie For One Night And Fulfills 12-Year-Old Dream

Scott Foster had been working at his accountant desk in Chicago and then had the most surreal experience in his life. The 36-year-old father of two stepped on ice for Chicago Blackhawks and became a folk hero after stopping every single shot and sealing an epic win.

Photo: Scott Foster/Facebook

A backup goalie steals the show

“I was sitting on the computer typing on a 10-key, and now I’m standing in front of you guys having just finished 14½ minutes of NHL hockey,” Scott told NBC Sports.

Chicago accountant helped his team to defeat Winnipeg Jets. It happened in front of 21,839 fans at the United Center on March, 29. In the final 14 minutes of the game, Scott Foster faced and stopped seven shots. This sealed a 6-2 win.

Foster is the second emergency goalie to play in an NHL game in present history, according to AP

That day, Scott did not expect much

Usually when Foster comes to the game as a backup goalie, he head upstairs to the press box, watches the game, eats a free sandwich and heads home.

Things went a different way. Hawks were already shorthanded on goalies. Two got injured and and their fill-in player had to leave the third period due to cramping.

“Put your helmet on,” Foster heard. He don’t remember hearing anything else after that.

“Beer league” to national league

Foster usually plays in recreational hockey league in Chicago with former college players. The game with Winnipeg Jets was his first pro-hockey action in 12 years. He once was a goalie for Western Michigan University.

And now he has a team belt, which goes to the player of the game.

Teams are allowed to dress and play any available person with hockey background as an emergency goaltender. Among other NHL emergency goalies were a police officer and a bank manager

Next day, Skott woke up, buttoned his shirt and went back to his accountant job. The only thing is that he have the belt now.

“This is something that no one can ever take away from me,” he laughs. “You just keep grinding away in men’s league, and eventually you’ll get your shot.”

Featured Image: Scott Foster/Facebook, SPORTSNET/YouTube

Sources: Today, NBC Sports

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