Burning Issue. How Do I Get My Life Back After Burnout?

Burnouts can be treated, but they still have serious consequences. No matter how much time off you take, very few of us can afford to stay idle indefinitely and going back to work afterwards may be a challenge.

So, how do we return to normal life after surviving burnout? Following these rules will make the transition easier.

1. Take your time


A burned out person is very much like an overheated computer. If you don’t give it time to cool off, it’ll soon stop responding again. And your body is a much more delicate and complicated machine.

Don’t undermine your own efforts by rushing back into the same load. Work isn’t going anywhere.

2. Say ‘No’


Or rather, say ‘No’ to others and ‘Yes’ to yourself more often. If you can do something, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to.

There’s no need to accept every work offer and every invitation to a social gathering. You have a right to refuse if you feel like it won’t benefit you.

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3. Keep a schedule


Falling back into bad habits will happen faster than you think if you don’t take the necessary precautions. Create a healthy routine for yourself and stick to it. Make gym a regular thing, watch your sleep, watch your diet.

Small things make for big changes.

4. Maintain good relationships


If you are a loner, you are more likely to stay at work after hours, take on additional responsibilities and neglect your health. It doesn’t mean you have to make drastic changes like getting married or going back to living with your parents. Agree to go out with friends, go visit your cousin some evening. Keep in touch with people that anchor you down.

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5. Let your employer know


As employees burnout becomes more common, more and more employers take steps to prevent it. You don’t have to keep your struggle a secret, especially if the conditions at work are what led to it in the first place. Start a conversation about what can be done to make the situation better. Remember: you work better when you aren’t burned out.

Going back to work after a mental health crisis isn’t easy, so don’t expect it to be. It’s okay to not be okay for a while. Yet, if you rely on your loved ones and take care of yourself, you’ll come out of this battle a winner.

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Sources: Pulse Today, Research Gate, The Guardian

Featured Image: Suits/USA Network

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