Want To Solve Your Problems? Change The Way You Talk About Them

We know it’s bad to complain, yet we find ourselves time and again whining about things we would like to be different. That’s not a healthy way of dealing with problems.

We have to stop doing that, right? Let’s start with the phrasing. Instead of stating the obvious, change the wording in a way that would suggest a possible solution.


Two key things you have to keep in mind are positive attitude and your active position. Here’s what you can say instead of some common complaints:

1. I don’t have enough time = I have other priorities at the moment

There’s always enough time for things that matter. If you can’t find the time for something, you don’t need it that much. Admit it and stop worrying about the things that are of no importance.

2. I don’t have enough money = I need to earn more

Talking about money issues won’t help.

If you really do need more money, you’ll have to find a way to earn it. Prepare yourself to switching jobs or asking for a promotion by talking about it.


3. I hate my job = I want a new job

Yes, that easy! If your job leaves you unsatisfied and burned out, you’ll have to leave it sooner or later (better sooner than later).

Explore other options, take time to find something you really like and take a leap of faith.

4. My ex is a bastard/bitch = I need to let my ex go

Relationships are tricky. Getting your heart broken from time to time is part of the deal. Even if your ex-partner is abusive or has cheated on you, you need to learn to let them go to be able to move on and find happiness.

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5. People are stupid = I have to give people a chance

Stephen Hawking didn’t have any trouble finding someone to talk to, why should you? If other people’s low IQ really IS your problem, chances are it’s you who needs to change.


6. The government is doing nothing to stop gun violence = We should be kinder to others

There’s an ‘I’ in ‘We’. People aren’t killing people because they have guns, people are killing people because they are angry and unhappy. What can you do to help? Start by showing kindness to your neighbor. We might have a couple of ideas.

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7. The weather/this restaurant/… sucks = I should rest/do something that makes me happy

Happy people don’t nag at their loved ones or spend much time expressing dissatisfaction. While the weather may be far from good (although define good) and the restaurant overpriced, those are minor details.

If that really bothers you, something else is not right.


8. The list could go on forever.

The important thing is, you won’t be able to solve your problems until you talk about them differently.

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