Ex-Marine Saves War Dogs And Brings Them Overseas To New Owners

When Chris Cannan, an American soldier, was stationed in Afghanistan in 2010, dogs saved him and his fellows from a suicide bomber. Several pets on base started barking at the terrorist who had to ignite charges before even making it to the camp.

Brave animals saved over 50 human lives.  

Photo: Puppy Rescue Mission/Facebook

Soldiers formed a strong bond with dogs and started to worry about the fate of those animals once the post personnel left. They saw animals in Afghanistan were treated horribly — often used as shooting targets, blown up or run over by vehicles.

Chris couldn’t leave dogs there defenseless. He and his wife set up The Puppy Rescue Mission nonprofit to help military personnel adopt pets and bring them home after deployment.

“Gorgeous Izzy was one of the first to rescue back in 2011”

Photo: Puppy Rescue Mission/Instagram

Military rules clearly regulate relationships between troops in war zones and pets. Soldiers are not allowed to care for pets, let alone to keep them at military posts.

“Marine Charlie will be heading to North Carolina to live happily ever after with one of our nation’s finest, one of his Marines”

Photo: Puppy Rescue Mission/Instagram

The rule about pets is often being overlooked when it comes to our men and women deployed overseas.

“After working a long 14 hour shift I got off work and found Kopec of Turkey walking outside our squadro”

Photo: Puppy Rescue Mission/Instagram

Soldiers pay just a portion of costs, and TPRM raises money with fundraising events and donations to pay the rest. So far the nonprofit brought almost 1,000 animals home.

“Little Romeo with his daddy from Airmen”

Photo: Puppy Rescue Mission/Instagram

Chris and Anna are certain that no soldier should ever be faced with the decision of leaving a beloved animal overseas.

Featured Image: Puppy Rescue Mission/Instagram 

Sources: The Puppy Rescue Mission, Dogster

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