17 Not-So-Common Tips On How To Get Over Your Ex

Getting over someone isn’t easy. Memories rush in, and we stay in the vicious circle for what seems like forever.

We asked Reddit for real-life advice. Apart from the usual stuff like ‘keep busy’, there are some non-typical tips we’ve discovered.

Let’s get something out of the way first. There’s advice you should NEVER follow

So, how do you get over someone who isn’t good for you?

It’s time-tested wisdom

You can do the exact opposite

If that doesn’t help, you can find a new companion

Or just stay alone

And focus on science!

Don’t pick up the phone

I’ve got new rules, I count’em

Find something to distract you from your destroyed relationship. Like a destroyed empire

There are some radical solutions

And less radical ones

And then there are some practical tips

Source: Reddit

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