This Transplant Fit Chick Is An Inspiration To All Of Us

Kelly Sue Forrest is a busy fitness trainer. She has every minute scheduled with customers who have already achieved great results. She has ambitious plans for the future and lives her life to the max. A cool, but a typical story, right?

Yes, except the fact that Kelly is half-blind and had her kidney and pancreas transplanted.

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“My Doctor told I would never have the strengths I once had in my abs after my kidney and pancreas transplantation. I laughed and asked him if he knew who I was? A freak of nature,” Kelly recollects.

A year after the surgery she proved those words wrong. She became the head coach at a fitness center in Wheaton, Illinois and a regional fitness trainer for three other locations.

Photo: thattransplantfitchick/Instagram

Kelly was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at five. The diagnosis meants insulin injections for all her life.

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On the other side of Kelly’s life there was sport. The girl denied doctors’ prescriptions. Her body and trainings seemd more important.

By 25 her condition went downhill and diabetes deteriorated her kidney and pancreas. She started to loose vision in both eyes.

Photo: thattransplantfitchick/Instagram

Doctors’ verdict sounded like a death sentence. The sportswoman needed transplantation.

In January, 2013 she successfully underwent the surgery. My goal is to prove that life goes on. Never give up,” Kelly’s motto was.

Photo: thattransplantfitchick/Instagram

Four months after the surgery the girl returned to the gym. Doctors protested but the transplantee started healing herself through sport.

“I am 100% sure of that it is my second home and my therapy. I am thankful for the iron,” Kelly says.

Kelly has been working as a head coach for three years by now. She restored vision in her right eye and got her body back.

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Photo: thattransplantfitchick/Instagram

Her clients know her struggles and obstacles that’s why she is a particular motivation, an inspiration and role-model for all of them.

Kelly Sue finds her job rewarding. She says that if she wasn’t training people, her life would not be as fulfilled. Every day she learns different clients, different lives going through their struggle and she helps them succeed.


I have a 12inch scar running down my stomach. I have only one eyeball that works. I contain recycled parts. But I’m happy with that. I survived something that I thought was gonna kill me.”

 A daily reminder that whatever life brings one can overcome it, she adds.

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