This Elderly Woman Gave Her Wedding Ring To A Waiter So He Proposed To His Girlfriend

He loved her, and he didn’t have a ring,” so this romantic Gran did not hesitate. She donated her wedding ring to a waiter. Minutes later, he proposed to the girlfriend in front of the café’s visitors, and the woman got her invitation to the upcoming wedding.

Sharon Heinemann from Concord, New Hampshire with two sisters stopped for a meal at Legal Sea Foods in Boston a few weeks ago.


The three sisters were served by Mattheus Gomes, a ‘young and handsome’ waiter. Mattheus was polite and suave and shared with the ladies he had a beloved girlfriend who worked at the same cafe and the man had long planned an engagement.

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Unfortunately, he could not get his wish. Mattheus had no money to buy a ring.

Sharon Heinemann was touched by the story and stepped in. She took her wedding diamond ring off her finger and presented it to Mattheus.

Photo: Legal Sea Foods/Facebook

The moment was heartbreaking and moved everybody to tears. Mattheus took the ring and immediately proposed to Maria, his girlfriend, in front of the sisters.

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Maria, I love you. Will you marry me?” he asked. Maria was crying ‘Yes, yes, Mattheus.”

The restaurant thanked ladies by paying for their meals. The newly-engaged thanked them with a wedding invitation.

Full story:, Yahoo, Dalesjewelers

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