The Story Of This Farm Will Restore Your Faith In The Community Spirit

Sometimes the world reminds you that people can be amazing. A Redditor shared a story that proves that when people unite, magic happens.

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Jantra’s family owns a farm. Last week there was a fire in the barn.

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The fire killed more than two dozen animals and destroyed the building, the equipment and all of the feed. It seemed like the end of the world.

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I can’t believe this kind of community still exists out there

Next day, though, everything changed. Nearly 100 people showed up to help the family. “They worked in pouring rain, foot thick mud and manure, to clean up broken bits of metal, nails, wire, even skeletons,” Jantra wrote, amazed.

Several pizza places brought food for the volunteers who kept busy till late in the evening. Hardware stores sent equipment. Locals collected donations and looked after the animals who needed vet care and feed.

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“The entire community, from every direction, to help one family who never could have handled it all on their own,” Jantra shared.

Screenshot: Jantra/Reddit

Jantra’s mother and stepfather are scout leaders who do a lot of work for the local charities. So, when they needed help themselves, people rushed to aid.

“I can’t believe this kind of community still exists out there,” Jantra said. “It’s absolutely amazing.”

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Redditor mrsvinchenzo1300 pointed out the family must be well-loved among neighbors, “Ppl don’t do these things for assholes.”

Another one admitted, “This made me tear up.”

Kudos to the close-knit community!

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