Retiree Gives 2nd Life To Retired Boeing, Turns It Into Cozy Home Amidst The Woods

This retired electrical engineer has raised the concept of a cabin in the woods to a whole new level.

Bruce Campbell’s homeplace looks like there had been a minor plane accident. He lives in the fuselage of a Boeing 727 in a dense forest near Portland, Oregon, and believes that every old plane should have a chance to live a second life.

Bruce bought the plane for $100,000 in 1999 from Athens airport and set to transform it.

This Boeing is as comfortable as it’s eccentric. It has 1,066 square-feet of interior space and is equipped with electricity, water and sewage.

Photo: Airplanehome

The plane entrance looks pretty cozy. Welcome aboard… We mean home!

Photo: Airplanehome

The cockpit of Boeing serves as a reading room. Imagine spending there hours with your favorite book… or imagine yourself wearing a pilot’s uniform. Both options are awesome.

Photo: Airplanehome

Campbell defied modern minimalistic trends and kept part of the original machinery. Rows of authentic passenger seats are still there.

Photo: nelielle621/Instagram

The plane looks absolutely stunning and mysterious in the forest and reminds a futuristic hotel. We guess it’s a great cure for aerophobia.  

Photo: Airplanehome

When Bruce is in Oregon, anyone is free to visit his home-plane and ask Campbell any questions. That’s how the engineer advocates his mission of turning old planes into homes or any other creative spaces.

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Right now Bruce is restoring one more Boeing in Japan, spending there six months in the year.

Bruce hopes that as many people as possible will learn about his creation and will consider to support his cause: “Human hearts inside feel wonderfully safe and comfortable.”

“It’s also a great toy,” Bruce adds with laughter. Hard to disagree.

Sources: Airplanehome, Businessinsider, The Sun

Featured Image: nisifiltersaustralia/Instagram

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