8 Local Businesses That Are Making America A Little Kinder

Most companies are aimed at making revenue and growing jobs. However, there are businesses that choose to make not money, but a difference.

Check out the eight companies committed to positive change and social good. Any of those in your state?

The Free Ride

Miami, California

Beach-goers no longer have to look and pay for parking. Founded in summer of 2011, The Free Ride offers passengers costless rides on electric cars to Hamptons, the Jersey Shore, Santa Monica and San Diego beaches.

As we all know, electric cars are fuel-free thus eco- and budget-friendly. The service is sponsored by advertisers. The Free Ride has given over 1,000,000 rides since its launch.

Our Story Bridal

New York, NY

Imagine a depressed bride  looking for the nicest dress ever and failing to do this because of huge prices. 

Our Story Bridal is the only bridal consignment boutique on New York which sells designer dresses with discounts up to 80%.

Its founders used their own experience when they tried to sell their worn wedding dresses but could not because there was no specialized store for preowned dresses. Now brides may look stunning on their wedding day but not spent a fortune.

Moreover, one can donate a dress to someone in need.

Rainbow Blossom

Louisville, Kentucky

It is the first health food store in Louisville, Kentucky. 41 years ago Rainbow Blossom introduced Louisville to  innovations: soy milk, gluten-free products and frozen yogurt.

They say they are a resource for improving the quality of life for themselves, their community and their company. The business offers additional services such as community-supported agriculture program, birthing classes and new moms’ groups

Warby Parker

Birmingham, Alabama

It is an optical store that makes a difference in people’s lives who can’t afford buying glasses. 

Warby Parker partners with nonprofits  to ensure that for every pair of glasses sold, a pair is distributed to someone in need.

Military Apparel Company

Gardners, Pensylvannia

They offer the second life to the military uniform. Their mission is to help families cope with the circumstances. Military Apparel Company makes meaningful creations which the families can proudly wear to remind them of their beloved who served.

It is the only company in the U.S. creating handbags, toys and accessories out of military uniforms that preserve the stories of American heroes.

Sweet Generation Bakery

New York City, New York

Visitors support the core internship program for at-risk youth with every purchase of this bakery’s cupcakes and pastries. The program is teaching youngsters serving the tables, cooking and even basic communication skills in a friendly creative bakery space.

Sweet Generation partners with schools and nonprofit organizations to offer paid jobs or internships for the most vulnerable teenagers of the city to help them see a better life and perspective. 

There is also a restaurant in Dallas that helps lost youth redirect their lives.

Thread International

Pittsburgh, Pensylvannia

Thread International company recycles plastics bottles from Haiti and Honduras into different fabrics. Every year the company recycles more than 440,000 pounds of plastic, then it is blended with cotton to produce high-quality canvas and denim products. 

The company has significantly improved ecology in Haiti. Their motto is “making things from a particular bottle picked by a particular person in a particular place.”

Bespoke Confections

Winston-Salem, North Carolina

The bakery is designed to help build the job skills and give a necessary career start for adults with autism and other intellectual disabilities.

It was launched in July, 2017 and already has had five employees. 50% of each bakery item sold help employees develop their skills and become a well-equipped member for the workforce.

Sources: Thegoodtrade, Dced.Pa.Gov, Sfgate, Facebook

Featured image: Instagram

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