Beyond Cool. Guitar Returned To Owner 9 Years After It Was Lost

What you might call a miracle we call the power of the Internet. Iowa man had his guitar returned to him 9 years after it was lost. All it took was the kindness of strangers and some googling.

Joe and his returned guitar. Photo: Joe Wallace

In 2008 Joe Wallace was a teen musician, and he needed a guitar. He found a perfect one in a pawn shop and convinced his mom to buy it for him. It was a high-quality ‘87 Charvel Model 1.

The instrument survived numerous rehearsals and the band’s first gigs.

“It’s attached to lots of fond memories, like the morning I woke up early and figured out the solo to “Mother” by Pink Floyd by ear,” Joe recalls.

Joe’s band back in the day. Photo: Joe Wallace

He took the instrument to school and many of his friends signed the guitar case for the young player.

However, it soon disappeared. Joe tried local pawn shops and stirred up several guitar forums, but the Charvel was nowhere to be found.

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Joe’s signed guitar case. Photo: Joe Wallace

It took almost a decade for the guitar to find its way back home. It happened unexpectedly, over Facebook.

A girl from Massachusetts named Erika got the guitar from her aunt who, in turn, had found it in Huxley a couple of miles from where Joe lives. When she saw the case, she decided to try and track down the owner.

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Erika and the returned guitar. Photo: Erika Taylor/Facebook; Joe Wallace

Erika googled name after name from the guitar case and finally one of the girls recognized the instrument. She sent the pics to Joe who couldn’t believe his luck.

“Seriously, this was beyond cool. I loved this guitar back in the day, and can’t believe I’m lucky enough to play her again. Once in a while, the universe hands you a win, I guess,” Joe shared.

Source: Imgur

Featured Image: Joe Wallace

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