Oregon Woman Creates Kindness Map For Everyone To Share Stories Of Goodwill

Woman created the Kindness Map to gather stories of goodwill from across the globe, and everyone is welcome to contribute.

Kindness Map creator Marcia Riefer Johnston with a box of Kindness Map cards. Photo: Marcia Riefer Johnston/Facebook

The project was created to ‘magnify kindness in the world’. It grows by submissions from users.

Anyone can drop a pin describing an act of kindness they witnessed tied to a place on the map.

Kindness Map/Facebook

Since its launch in April 2018 the website has gathered almost a hundred stories from America, Asia, Europe and even Africa.

They describe things as simple as listening to kids patiently (try doing that for a few hours straight!) and as complex as donating blood every day for 60 years.

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Kindness Map/Facebook

For example, a user Ray shared a story of strangers helping him on the road.

“Crashed as I was about to cycle north across the 205 bridge. 3 angels – Paul, Ryan, and a tall woman – stopped and half-carried me 150′ and down 30 steps to where a car could reach me. A 4th rider – Richard – put my bike on the car, and MJ got me to the ER. You know who you are… thank you again.”

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Kindness Map/Facebook

Many users notice how one act of kindness fuels another one, and the goodness spreads, like in a story from France.

“Last week I took my kids to the cinema in Colmar, which recently invested in new complicated parking meters that are 100% in French. The German speaking tourists who got to the meter before me were about to give up. I helped them and two minutes later I saw them helping the next tourists.”

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Kindness Map/Facebook

Marcia Riefer Johnston, the woman behind the project, believes the key to creating a kinder world is in noticing small things.

“Seeing is a creative act. The world you see is the world you get.”

Featured Image: Marcia Riefer Johnston, Kindness Map

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